Looking for an AA artist's info.

Started by Gatsby, May 27, 2014, 03:38:13 PM

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So this is a loooooong shot, but I'm looking for the info of an artist I saw in AA. They had a piece of Adventure Time art which I forgot to buy (so much regret). The picture was a more realistic version of Finn and Flame Princess and was from a particular scene where Finn is kissing her while in a cave. It has the quote from the episode, "I need you to be okay."

If anyone knows who it is, or the lovely artists is in our midst, please PM or post their tumblr, deviant art, flickr, or whatever you know. :)


I can't say I know who this artist is, but on the Fanime website under Maps there is a list of all artists with websites and where their table is located.