2018 Sailor Moon Gathering! (3/28)

Started by Olivine, July 28, 2014, 11:15:53 PM

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Yay! I'm not as familiar with the location notation as I should be--where is G9?  Also, looks like masquerade check-in is going to be at noon that day, so I will have to keep an eye on my watch, but I will definitely make it!


It's outside of the registration building, where the grassy stairs are. The gathering should be done by 11:30, since it's not considered big enough to be an hour. c:
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My cosplay partner and I will be attending as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune! Super excited!
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I will be there as Super Sailor Venus!!!


I'm planning to be there as Sailor Pluto! So excited to wear her with other scouts! n_n
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Will be there as Makoto Kino (Jupiter) in her school uniform.


Hi!  Thank you so much for organizing!!!  My friends and I will be attending as the inner senshi (sans Jupiter  :'( ) as bunnies. :D
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*Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn- Friday and Saturday
*Marceline the Vampire Queen- Saturday
*Briar Rose- Sleeping Beauty peasant version- Sunday
*Super Sailor Venus-  Sunday or Monday


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So, looks like I'll be there as Prince Endymion, with my girlfriend as Princess Serenity. Gotta make a few repairs to my armor, but it should hold through the gathering if all goes well.
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Hope you can attend 'em!


I'll be coming as Human Luna/Princess Kaguya!! It's my first all-out cosplay and I'm super excited :'D !!

I saw the official list confirm for 11a, is the same gathering going to stay at 11:30a too? :0


Excited for my first Fanime! I'm bringing my Super Sailor Uranus ^o^


The gathering will be from 11am until about 11:55am, so we can finish before the League of Legends gathering~
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I plan on attending this as Little Lady Serenity!
Super excited for Fanime to get here!

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So a bunch of nights working later than I had planned, and a work conference that didn't leave me any time to finish stuff I had packed in my carry on, and Beryl's unable to be finished by con.  I will still be at the gathering in Myu Neptune though.


I will be attending as Neo Queen Serenity!  I'm so glad there is a gathering this year! :D


I'll be going as Sailor Chibi Moon with a +1  ;D
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Friday- Satsuki Kusakabe
Saturday- Lady Phantomhive
Sunday- Sailor Chibi Moon
Monday- Lolita (?)


Had so much fun at the gathering! Thanks for putting it together. n_n Till next time scouts!
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YAY! I'd be happy with almost any character, but I've started Luna, Sailor Pluto, and Sailor Cosmos costumes. Oooo or Sailor/Princess Kakyuu would be fun too. Are any of those slots open?


I shall be attempting a new cosplay this year, with a character not too often attempted:  Moonlight Knight!


Super excited for this year! I'll start updating as soon as I know how the new gathering system works!
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