2018 Sailor Moon Gathering! (3/28)

Started by Olivine, July 28, 2014, 11:15:53 PM

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Well, I do have my armor done now, so barring timing issues, I will most likely be there in my La Reconquista Beryl flashback armor, for real this time.


I've added a link to the Facebook event! Their event system requires that I choose a date, the day listed is not confirmed and in the description itself I have no day and time.
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Omg! I'm glad I found this gathering! My husband and I will be cosplaying Kunzite and Ziosite from the original Sailor Moon series and we would love to be a part of this gathering!


Also, I have submitted an application for the gathering! I'm aiming for Sunday morning/afternoon!
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The gathering has been approved for Sunday at 12PM at G9 (in front of the reg building)!
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I'll be there as Sailor Moon~! \(> w 0 )
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I was thinking of doing masquerade this year in a different costume, but ended up deciding against it, so I will definitely be there as Beryl.  Hubby's working on an Endymion costume he wants to have done by Fanime, so he will probably be there with that. If not, he definitely has a Queen Metalia poncho. There will be two of us, one way or another.


I will be cosplaying Sailor Neptune. Can't wait!


I'll be there as Makoto/Jupiter this year.


I will be there again this year as Neo Queen Serenity!  :D It was so nice seeing more queens last year!


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The front page has been updated with our confirmed time: Sunday at 11AM at G9! Same location as last year! Here is the FB event for you all: https://www.facebook.com/events/414220545599057/
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Very excited for this!
I will be attending as Sailor Saturn ^_^

With an outer senshi group:
- Sailor Pluto - Low Quality Cosplay
- Sailor Neptune - Lumi
- Sailor Uranus - Spatium

Fanime 2019 Line-Up
Friday - KDA Eve (LoL)
Saturday - Mash 2nd Ascension (FGO)
Sunday - ???


Will be there as high school Minako with Artemis. :)



Hope to make it to the gathering! I will be Queen Beryl :)


I should be able to make it as Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino.


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