MOBA Gathering 2015

Started by Tabbychan, August 05, 2014, 11:09:04 AM

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Hello, I'll be there as Riot Kayle from League of Legends.



Ugh plans failed and stuff was completely messed up and now I have no time! D:

Take me off the list...I might have to make a different cosplay of something else that's affordable right now.

Derp sorry ):



First post updated :D Sorta.. I'm not going ot make it as Leona anymore but I'm hoping my new league cosplay will be just as fun!


Hey there again.

Instead of Riot Kayle.
I will be going as Riot Graves.


How is everyone doing?! Only 5 days left :D



I might go to this but I'm not sure yet. Been trying to think of a good block to wear my Jayce on Sat, starting it with this gathering might be good. I want to wear it more into night-time when the LED effects are more visible. How big of a gathering you think this is going to be?

Addendum: May not make it to this as Mr. Seitz's (Kog'Maw) segment begins at 5 and my gf really wants to go there since he said he would sign her official Kog'Maw statue. >__>
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I'm probably super late. But I'll be there as Ezreal from League of Legends tomorrow!
Fanime 2014 - Ezreal
SacAnime Summer 2014 - Ezreal
SacAnime Winter 2015 - Ezreal

...see a pattern here?