Hunter x Hunter 2015 Gathering

Started by tiz, October 09, 2014, 04:41:35 PM

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i didnt see any gatherings for hxh so! lets start one :0

meeting place, day and time are undecided and up for suggestions!!! (it may also be put up for vote later on!)

also, i am looking for someone to help me co-host this! it would be great if you have had experience hosting a gathering before!

photography order:
zodiac twelve (current and former)
hunter examinees
hunter examiners
whale island inhabitants
zoldyck family
heavens arena characters
phantom troupe
kuruta clan
nostrade organization (family and employees)
greed island characters
chimera ants
kakin (kings and princes)
dark continent expedition team
movie-exclusive characters
other characters (whoever didn't get a chance or people i may have missed)
spoiler characters!
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spoiler characters!
and finally, shipping (which will be up for debate as to what order it goes into!)

again, if you would like to help co-host, message me so we can work this out! :0

kris10chan ~ kalluto
kris10chan's friend ~ feitan
(?) roguemagus ~ mizaistom
(?) gigapuriin ~ ???
fanime 2016 plans
umi sonoda (fairy)
kotori minami (victorian)
rin hoshizora (cyber)
rin hoshizora (marine)



This gathering must happen! Time to decide on who to be, but I love all the characters so picking will be hard.  :D
Kurapika, Alluka, Shizuku, so many ideas!


Hey, I'll definitely be there as Kite!



Just a reminder that the Cosplay Gatherings Department has not received a "Submission Request" for this gathering and that means it is CURRENTLY NOT listed on the Official Gatherings List and will NOT appear on the Gatherings Boards during Fanime 2015.

The List closes Friday May 15th @ 11:59pm with NO exceptions. Final List is posted by May 17th @ 11:59pm.

Also, Hunter X Hunter is a Shonen Jump title and there is a gathering for that Sunday @ 3pm & it came out in 1998 so many of the characters can join in the Old School gathering on Sat or Sun also.

Thank you

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