Guests I Want for Fanimecon 2015!!!!!!!!!!

Started by Nina Star 9, October 13, 2014, 09:43:56 PM

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Nina Star 9

I realized that no one had posted up the thread for next year yet, and its somewhat traditional for me to post it, so here goes:

Pretty much the same rules as always!

- Post a variety of types of guests (though there is a MusicFest guests thead)
- Speaking of which, please post MusicFest guests actually in the MusicFest thread! Since it's a different department, that's the easiest way to get them to see your suggestions
- Post guests that Fanime realistically has a chance of bringing out (so no one too big or too expensive or too obscure or too dead or too broken up or that doesn't actually do appearances, etc.)
- Post guests that people will actually want to see
- You can post your ~dream guests~, but keep in mind that not everyone is suitable as a guest for Fanime (so note it in your post if it is less realistic and don't get into fights over whether a guest is reasonable or not -- civil discussion of the suitability of a guest, fine, "OMG U HAV 2 BRING OUT MALICE MIZER U SUXXORZ IF U HATE ON THEM  >:( >:( >:(" is not)
- You can (and are probably encouraged to) post types of guests as well as specific guests -- really want some Japanese VAs? Some character designers? Something else? Let the staff know! (Unless there ends up being a separate thread for guest types, in which case, I'll link it here.)

Have fun~~!

I feel like I should do something special for the 10th incarnation of this thread! We're up to 10 exclamation points in the title. It's getting too ridiculous at this point. ;]

Music Fest guest suggestions belong in this thread, not here, as they are separate departments. Thanks!


Thanks for starting this. I have subscribed to the thread to take down all sugestions made.
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Ok, now, let me see, here.........

I wonder how impossible/unlikely it is to get some Super Sentai or Kamen Rider actors to appear at Fanime. I do know that there's a good number of people at Fanime that know tokusatsu(seeing as how the gathering for said franchise is always a pretty nice size). Plus some of the actors have done acting in musical versions of anime......... *coughcough*

Anyway!! I'll shut up about all that and start a list:

Jun Fukuyama
Kei Hosogai
Jinnai Sho
Ryohei Odai
Yutaka Kobayashi
Masatomo Nakazawa
Satoshi Hino
Takahiro Sakurai
Luci Christian
Allison Sumrall
Ryosuke Miura

That's all I can come up with right now. Some of them are dream guests, others might be possible......... :P
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Firefury Amahira

The guys from Team Four Star! It always sounds like their convention appearances are a blast (especially their 18+ panels) but I haven't been able to go to the cons that they normally go to!
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If we can, Littlekuriboh is always welcome fanime, as he has been there as a vender, but to have him as a guest would be grand. Arin Hanson would also be a cool VA to bring down. Heck, you could do a VA panel with other VA guest there and I would pay to see that.


I agree with one of the above, Team Four Star would be a great addition. Maybe as guests for some sort of abridge or voice acting/dubbinh panel.

Also, I've recently fallen in love with a cosplayer "Its Raining Neon" or also known as DeAnna Davis. She is an amazing craft artist and cosplayer. I know many people that would love to see her.


I personally would love it if these people could show up:
#1. Ashleigh Ball(Huge Fan of Hers)
#2. Crispin Freeman(Love Him Too)
#3. Scott Mcneil (Seen Him b4 but such a cool guy)


West Coast Itasha would be awesome to see at fanime this year. they had a really cool display at Kraken Con and Japan Expo.

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Quote from: MikeColle on November 15, 2014, 09:06:59 PM
West Coast Itasha would be awesome to see at fanime this year. they had a really cool display at Kraken Con and Japan Expo.

...aren't you actually a part of the team?

My nomination is gonna be Zach Weiner. He does Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) a webcomic and has branched out into a bunch of other projects including two video series. I think he's based in SF.

Someone from the Nostalgia Critic team would be cool too, there's probably someone there that's local to San Jose or the Bay Area.


I saw Captain's Savvy Singalong Crew at Yaoi Con a few months ago and they were fantastic!  They're a band that performs nerdy favorites such as the Pokemon theme song and other popular anime and video game songs, as well as nerdy parodies of current popular songs. The best part is that they display all the lyrics on a projector so that everyone can sing along!  They put on a very fun show and they would definitely be a hit at Fanime!


I'd love to see team four star and the twobestfriends play crew you know Matt, Pat, Woolie, and liam.
Then again it'll be pretty hard to get twobestfriends down from canadia.


Jeremy Blaustien, one of the unsung heroes of video game translation. He worked for Konami in the 90's. He worked on games such as  the original Metal Gear Solid, Suikoden 2, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations and Silent Hill 2-4 and Dragon Warrior VII.  He also worked on some anime mainly Pokemon. He lives in Japan, so that could be a logistics issue.

He's currently working a game called Blackmore's Bane and owns a localization company iqioi inc.

He has done a few interviews on hardcoregaming101 and been on the 8-4 podcast as well.
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I would love to see more seiyuu guests, though I figure they may be difficult to book.
If possible though, here are some suggestions:
Toshiki Masuda
M.A.O (also in toku)
Tomokazu Sugita
Miyuki Sawashiro

And some other guest ideas:
Dan Green
Sean Schemmel
Eric Stuart
Chris Sabat
Crispin Freeman (it would be great if he could give some of his lectures)


Lexa Doig has played:

- a cryonicist or Jason Voorhees-ologist or something of that nature in Jason X;
- a warship's AI in Andromeda;
- a medical doctor on Stargate SG-1;
- a medical doctor who is also an alien on V; and
- a medical doctor who is also a time-traveler on Continuum

That's more nerd cred than Sigourney Weaver and Jewel Staite put together! She's pretty much Queen of the Nerds, and I think it's time we made it official with a coronation ceremony. If you can get her (and preferably Michael Shanks, too) to come, I can bring the crown.

Also, I'd like it to be a surprise, if possible. Ideally, she wouldn't know that we were calling the event a "coronation ceremony" until she actually showed up and looked at the event guide, and wouldn't know that we were using the term literally until she actually saw the crown. Her reaction would make one HELL of a Youtube video!


Rufflebutt, AKA Jessie Pridemore, because I still owe her a drink.


I'd like to suggest guests that could be brought over by Bushiroad, like Sora Tokui and Mimori Suzuko.


Here's an idea. How about inviting someone that somebody ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT!? Like the 2011 fanime guest roster and not super crappy roster from last year or past few years for that matter. Yes, yes I know some of you are gonna argue saying that "Fanimecon is a hangout con" or "Your being too harsh, you should give the new people a try." If you ask me that's not very solid argument! First of all when you invite guests that doesn't have ANYTHING in their bio that would make people say "Oh yeah I'm familiar with that person's work!" How can you like them or give them a chance? Secondly if you were veteran as I like to claim I am one. who's been to the convention for over 6 years now. You would be treated with guests that you would be familiar with and also with the modern times. (As in people that had a very noteworthy role during that year or the previous one) And because of that I expect BETTER and MORE guests considering on how large fanimecon has grown over the past few years, even though to me some of them weren't that great. When you see a con grow you expect better and not worse! Listen I'm not expecting Super big name stars like Steve Blum, Laura Bailey to come to fanime. or at least that often but what I don't want is guests that are so obscure in the industry that nobody would care or know how to approach the person. Bring someone like David Vincent who was at fanime a long time ago! While he's not super big like the others but at the same time he's got quite a few noteworthy roles that a lot of anime fans would be familiar with him! Fanimecon probably have 26,000 to 27,000 or even more for fanime 2015! Money SHOULD NOT be the issue you guys have PLENTY of money to bring big name guests! Look at Sakura-con or even my local con Sac-anime! They smaller and yet somehow have MORE and better guests!

I'm done ranting. If you guys really are listening to fans then LISTEN TO THEIR REQUESTS AND TRY TO BRING THEM! This is what I want. I want two FULL Japanese acts for musicfests and I want at least one Well known Japanese producer or seiyuu. If we're talking about North american voice actors. Like I said bring someone who is fairly well known and had a fairly recent and big role! That is...if you guys are truly insufferable with resources...

It seems SUPER unlikely but if I were to go into specific guests these are the ones I want if possible


Yuu Kobayashi

Yui Horie

Mamoru Miyano

Kana Hanazawa

Yoko Hikasa

Norio Wakamoto

Takehito Koyasu

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Voice actors

Christaphor Sabat

Crispin Freeman

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

And this one seems highly unlikely but if possible

I really want to see the artist Taka Tony to come.

Honestly I have high doubts any of our request will be heard or granted. But ANYBODY's suggestion has been fulfilled I'll be happy and impressed. I'm losing my patience but I'm giving fanimecon. I come to the convention because of the noteworthy guests they had in 2011. If not, then I'm willing to save up my fundings and fly to another convention!

Sunara Ishi

I'd really like to see (Japanese) mangakas and seiyuu. It seems the last few years didn't have much. Manhwa authors/artists would be awesome too. We never see those. Perhaps even japanese game creators/artists/story writers/seiyuu?

As for specific people:
(Please note that I can't say if they are suitable or not as I don't have enough knowledge. I don't really think it is the fan's place to do the screening... I'll do my best to my knowledge regardless. )

I'll just list some of the more mainstream ones I like. (And ones I know are current.)

Mangaka artists/authors:
Kakinouchi Narumi (Vampire Princess Miyu, etc.)
NAKAMURA Yoshiki (Skip Beat, etc.)
MASHIMA Hiro (Fairy Tail, Rave, etc.)
IKUHARA Kunihiko (Mawaru Penguindrum, Utena, Yuri Kuma Arashi)
Kinoshita, Sakura (Matantei Loki Ragnarok)

Japanese Novelists:
NARITA Ryougo (Durarara!!)

Sayaka OHARA
Tomokazu SEKI

Anime character designers:
Maho Yoshikawa (Amnesia, Fairy Tail, etc.)

Game companies/people:
Maybe someone from Idea factory, Key, or from the "Tales of" game staff?

Possibly unrealistic:
I like RHIM Ju-Yeon (manhwa - Ciel, Last Autumn Story) but she probably doesn't have a huge fanbase. I could be wrong.

[Edit: Forgot some big ones:
Naoko Takeuchi (Sailor Moon) & Yoshihiro Togashi (Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter) [obviously they'd most likely have to be a pair]
Yana Toboso {Kuroshitsuji) ]
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Adding to the call for Japanese mangaka/directors/producers and seiyuu. More often than not, those are the guest whose panels I actually attend! I'd also love to see more Japanese acts at Musicfest. Doesn't even have to be super big name like, say, my top choice T.M.Revolution. ;D

I'm mostly an older anime fan so my favorite seiyuu were bigger in the 90s than now, like Chika Sakamoto, Rica Matsumoto (though she's still Satoshi/Ash in Pokemon!), etc. Anyone from the original Sailor Moon, stuff like Utena, etc.
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DRRR!!! is pretty popular here (I think), so someone related to that series would be great xD