Does your Homestuck panel need help finding a Karkat at FanimeCon 2015?

Started by draxLfly2, October 24, 2014, 06:32:03 PM

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Hello! So I attended FanimeCon 2014 for the first time cosplaying and was the Karkat that lead the unofficial homestuck meetup in the park along with a friendly (yet tall) Nepeta. I was told I was a headcanon for various amounts of people as well and true, my wig did get fucked up by the end of day 1, I had to deal with it and try to fix it. I am currently getting a new and definitely better wig and am wondering if any panels are searching for a Karkat? I can replicate my voice to almost Cohlab's karkat voice and am 5'1".
I can go for the whole con and am even thinking about doing wheelchair Tavros because of two reasons: A) I can do his voice VERY WELL. B) My mother is handicapped and has two wheelchairs so I may be able to take one. I am also thinking about doing a fem!karkat just to show that males CAN pull off being a female character. If you need any photo's and even some voice acting (granted, my mic is shitty and it makes me sound different), I am willing to do it. You can e-mail me at [email protected] if you want a private talk.


Hey coolkid!  You are definitely my head-canon Karkat, and there should be some law forbidding a panel to turn you down.  (I'm still not sure how Hussie created Karkat without meeting you :P You are the epitome of all things Karkat)
[Also, a little bit of my own advertising (haha sorry that i'm promoting myself in your thing >:D) but, if a panel needs a Terezi... *wink wonk nudge nudge*]
But yeah, this Karkat is awesome and you should have him in your panel