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Started by ewu, November 10, 2014, 10:49:56 PM

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I'm a 27 year old male who is coming to Fanime for the 5th time, looking for a place to sleep for Friday-Sunday Nights and one luggage case at most. I can sleep on the floor or on the couch if necessary and I would also prefer 4-6 people at most in the room. I may use the desk during the night time to work on commissions but other then that, I don't take up much room. I can pay up front and I'm pretty flexible on the price but I would like a number before deciding anything. I don't mind whether the roommates are male or female, I am equally respectable to both and can hold a conversation pretty well.

I don't drink, do drugs or smoke

I'll be pretty busy in the day so you won't see me much but I do require a roomkey. I would be happy to grab dinner with the group or go on an early morning run for breakfast.

My interests include: The Walking Dead TVShow/VideoGame (haven't gotten around to reading the comic), Marvel, DC, Code Geass, Attack on Titan, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Mortal Kombat, Watchmen

More on my profile here:

This is a new experience for me and I'm hoping to meet new convention regulars outside of my little bubble of Artists and hometown friends.

I would prefer the hotel to be within walking distance to the convention


Nothing to see here. =)



Down to business:

I will be in a queen double at the Holiday Inn from Fri-Mon; 3pm check-in. I'm 35/female/cosplayer looking for one roommate. Roommate gender does not matter, but maturity is needed.

This will not be a party room (or a room for all of your room-less friends to crash in), but visits/ pit stops are ok. Even though the room may stay in a semi-messy state due to costumes and such, bad hygiene is unacceptable.

You will have a key. You will have a bed. There will just be the two of us.

Total is $175. $100 deposit upfront via Paypal gift to deter last minute back-outs(non-refundable if you back out; goes towards total if you show up). $75 balance due at check-in (cash or Paypal).

Questions? Feel free to ask, through the messenger on this forum, as I may have forgotten some info. I am friendlier in person, I swear!



Hello all!
I'm looking for a hotel room for me and my younger brother. We are both very tidy and quiet people. We won't be bringing too much lugage.
We are looking to stay for the entire weekend. ( Friday - Sunday ).
Feel free to email me at
Thanks for reading.


Edit: room filled!

Empty Room Available[/s]
Four Points Sheraton Downtown, across the street from the Convention Center!

I have a room but can no longer make it to the con  :'(. If you are interested in getting a last minute room, it could be yours.

Check in: Thursday, May 26
Check out: Monday, May 30



Need a room:

+ Introduction: Hi! My name is Eileen. I am 25, clean and tidy, chill, friendly and respectful of other people's space and belongings. I actually already have a room for most of the con, but due to a travel hiccup I need a place to stay Monday night as well.  I take up very little space and am okay with sleeping on the floor.

+ Hotel Information: I'm looking for a room within walking distance, for just ONE night. Monday night, May 30th. (Check out on Tuesday, May 31st)

+ Requirements: All's good!

+ Contact: Please PM me!


Hotel: Fairmont
Cost: $90/pp if split 4 ways w/o rollaway, $109/pp with
Date Arriving: Friday, May 27
Date Leaving: Monday, May 30
Number of Spots Available: 2-3
You: 18+, no gender preference, LGBT friendly
Us: F & M, 23 & 28, longtime convention goers all over the country.

Notes:  We are either trying to fill our 1 king bedroom, OR move into a hotel within walking distance for Fri-Mon.  If you're considering staying with us, please note that there's an extra cost to get a rollaway, which will be split should we get 4 people or if you request it, otherwise, if you're feeling cheap, floor space is an option.  We'll prioritize requests including 2 or more people before singles.  If there's a group of 3 people, we don't mind sleeping on the rollaway.  We also do a micro-potluck of sorts, roommates get priority on any food we make before we share it elsewhere, so consider it free meal(s)!  You get your own key.

Payment: Non-refundable half payment required to secure your spot, rest due at check-in.

Rules: Be respectful of privacy, property, space, yourself.  Not a party room.  No drama, drinking/drunkenness, smoking, no outside guests w/o our consent.  We are very cosplay-friendly so if you need a handler or help, we'll do our best to accommodate!

Contact: PM me here and I'll respond ASAP.  I'll keep this post updated until requests are fulfilled!

Room filled!

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Need a room:

Introduction: Hi friends! My name is Shanaaz! I'm 21 years old, I go to UC Berkeley, and this will be my 5th year attending the con! I am clean, respectable of other people's space. and I love to meet new people. I decided last minute that I wanted to spend the night, and I am more than happy to take up floor space.
Here is my facebook:

Hotel Information: I'm looking for a room within walking distance, preferably the Fairmont (but willing to stay in any nearby hotel). I need a room for sure on Friday 5/27/16. I would like a room on Saturday, 5/28/16 as well but it is not a must.

Requirements: Just a clean room :)

Contact: PM or email me!

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Hey there! I'm Nick, and Ive been going to Fanime for quite some time now, this is probably my 6th(?) year, so I'm pretty seasoned. Im an all around cool dude, and that's all there really is to say on the matter. On a scale from yes to no? I'm a solid "yes" on the scale of cool dudeittude.
Anyways, this is extremely last minute because two friends of mine had to change their Fanime plans recently leaving me with extra room to fill.

Hotel: City Center Motel, a place Ive stayed at during Fanime several times years in the past. Its pretty chill, but obviously nothing fancy. Its main perk is being within walking distance from the con center (About a 7 minute walk away, since its literally 2.5 blocks away).  2 beds (with a possible rollout?)
Check In: Friday
Check Out: Monday
Cost: Depends! As low as $87, but no more than $120 for all 3 nights. But since Ive done this before, I know that some people might only be around 1 or 2 of the nights so the cost will vary a little bit with that information potentially. Still, its all basically evenly split with myself covering anything leftover. If you only need to stay for 1/2 of the 3 nights, do let me know so I can factor that in.

Rules and Requirements: Common sense and human decency are really all I ask. I don't mind if youre male, female, or some sort of cyborg, as long as you can treat people with respect thats all that matters. No smoking etc, no outside friends without asking first (I dont mind, but other people might, so just ask first!). And most important respect for other people's stuff. Do expect at least one or two of the people including myself to be cosplaying too, so I'm always down with the clown to help and stuff, I know how hard it is to get set up alone sometimes.

Contact info: Definitely PM me here and Ill respond practically instantly if you have any questions or concerns. If not, email me at


Looking for a room


I'll be going to Fanime this year and I'm looking for a room to stay in. My name is Gor; I'm a 24 year old Asian American. I'm a pretty clean guy and I like to keep things organized. I'll be driving to Fanime from Berkeley and I can possibly pick you up if you need a ride. I can bring my sleeping bag if needed. I am typically quiet in first impressions, and will occasionally pipe in with a side joke.


Stuck without a room on Fri-Sun night. My room was double booked. I only have $40 to give. Please help. I'm a 38 year female. Running around all night is a bad idea at my age


Looking for a room
hey guys! sixth year attending and hotel rooms didn't work out for me this year and
in need of a last minute place to stay because i'm from LA!
I'm super laid back and can work with what you've got going!
shoot me a pm and lets have an awesome time!


Hey all! My work gave me the days off I asked for so last moment I booked a room and rushed out here, and it kinda donned on me that I have a room to myself. So if there is anybody out there that still need a room for tonight and tomorrow then I have a nice open floor and ..... Chair couch thing.
Anyways it's free to anybody that needs a place to crash, if you're interested PM me or something and we can confirm that neither of us are axe murderes or anything of that sort.


Update: im seeking more females for the room, i dont want my partner being the only girl i have several guys so please no more. I like to try to keep a social balance.

Hello, my name is Nathanial, me and my partner Pixie have a room Thursday to Monday at the doubletree (clockwork alchemy location) for fanime. We are looking for more roomates as i got my room confirmation just today.
We are both very open people and do our best to stay drama free. It IS our first time hosting a room, so if you have suggestions please feel free to voice them and i will consider them. I know my rule list is kind of long, its based on the experiences ive had rooming with not so great people and i highly doubt any of them will really need to be enforced as long as people are respectful of each other!

Currently we have a queen bed, sofa couch, and floor space available.

Room rules are as follows:
You need to be ok with nudity (we are nudists, but we can respect if you need bottoms covered).
My partner needs to have cartoons on at night in order to sleep, please be ok with the noise.
No room parties of any kind!
We are 420 friendly, just not in the room itself!
Pregaming is OK before 10 pm, just dont get sloshed.
After 10 pm is enforced quiet time!
Dont go through others stuff for any reason.
No arguements or fighting in the room, take it outside if you need to.
No hard/party drugs of any kind (you can keep weed only in the room) i will report illegal drugs.
Our room is considered safe space, if you need it, just say so, and acomodate others who ask.
Consent is required for any contact and unwanted contact will be met with instant removal all the way to arrest depending on severity (i dont take consent lightly)
Anyone you bring in is your responsibility, if they break something or cause trouble, i consider it your fault.
Any damages or room expenses you cause are youre responsibility.
If you break these rules, i reserve the right to kick you from the room without refund.

My pricing for full weekend is as follows:
$200 for the bed, you may share if you want
$150 for the couch
$100 for floor space
Payment can be made through google, paypal, or we can work out some arrangement if need be.

Keys will be given as i am able. I'll be sure those who need it the most get access to the room! Ill also be making a facebook messenger group for the room on thursday. Keyholders need to be able to let people in throughout the day. There can be a maximum of 3 keyholders.

Thank you for reading through all that XD im honestly a lot nicer than this email must make me seem, im just very protective and like to make sure everyone is taken care of!


Currently looking for a room in either the Marriot or Hilton (or just anything in walking distance really). Accepting anyone who has missed their chance to cancel and can't make it.

If you wanna talk about the details, please contact me via Discord, Twitch, email, or phone. Contact details will be sent to you via PM.

EDIT: WOOPS, wrong year lol