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Started by ewu, November 10, 2014, 10:49:56 PM

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I've been going to FanimeCon since 2013, and this would be the 4th time in a row. I usually attend this convention, and weeks later go to Anime Expo. I may not attend AX this year due to costs, and there's far too many people attending that one than in the past.

Introduction: My name is Mike from Pinole and 25 years old. I used to be a video gamer back in the day, but I'm currently an anime/manga person. I'm open-minded when it comes to anime/manga so I usually like a lot of genres. My ultimate favorites are One Piece, Fairy Tail, Nisekoi, Ranma 1/2, and a ton more. I'm relatively a "shy guy" so if your looking for a decently quiet roommate, I'm the guy.

I'm not picky about sleeping arrangements, as long as I can bring a twin airbed, I'm good. I'm not much of a drinker, but I don't mind others drinking. I prefer a room with no parties so I can get some decent sleep.

Hotel: Any hotel is fine. I prefer walking distance, but I'm okay with talking the train.

Requirements: I'd need a room key and space for my twin airbed would be the only requirements that I need.

Costs: As long as I'm paying my fair share, costs aren't an issue.

Contact info: PM me here or email me [email protected]



Hi everyone, my name is Erik, I'm 26, male and currently a night watch for a center. This is my second time going to fanime.  I would only be taking two medium size suit cases at most since I'll be taking Amtrak from my town. Also I'd love Thursday-Monday and willing to pay my share.

Hotel: like most people I'd rather have walking distance but anything is okay with me.

Requirements: I'd love a key but I understand they are a hot item. I do not mind the floor at all. As long as I can have a little bathroom time for cosplay/quick showers in good.

Contact info: here is ideal but you can message me on face book under the name Erik Bones Brown


Room Needed

Got a room now!  Yay!  Thanks!

Introduction: Hello my name is Marissa and I am 28 years old.  I'll be turning 29 next month a week before Fanime and since 2012 have attended the convention in celebration of my birthday.  I like all kinds of anime (far to many to list yikes!) and I am an avid Manga collector and love going to swap meet to add to my library (642 books thus far!).  I'm friendly and love to help others have a great time.  I can keep to myself if need be but honest I don't bite!

+ Hotel Information: I am good with the Hilton, Marriott or the Hyatt across the street from the convention or really any hotel within walking distance.

+ Requirements: I am handicapped and walk with a cane.  I would prefer a bed but I am flexible and can handle whatever is available.  I will be bringing one large suit case, my bag that holds my cosplay outfit and the staff that goes with it all I ask is for a small safe spot I can put my things!

+ Contact: You can message me here or text me either works well.  My cell number is 916-717-2575 and I have it on me at all times.

+ Miscellaneous: I bring food with me to the convention and I am more then happy to share it with my hotel mates to help save costs when it comes to getting food.  I got drinks covered too!  If you would like something spacific to drink (Root beer, sprite, Dr. Pepper etc) or eat (sandwich meat, bread, pocky etc) don't hesitate to make a request, I'll pick some up for you!  Of course no requests for alcohol please. <3


I am looking for anyone who is looking for a roommate and has space that they would be willing to share.
This is my first year going to the convention and would like some pretty chill people to hang out with and to room with.
If you have any room in your hotel and would like to let me room with you, I would be very thankful to you!
Location isnt really an issue and I will be there for the whole weekend, Friday to Monday.

Im a guy (obviously based on my picture lol), 28, clean and very respectful.
Text me at 916-806-2414 or Message me on Kik: ZXDriven

Let me know what you have to offer and I will try to respond when I can.
I do work full time so I dont get off work till 5pm most days but will respond whenever I have a chance.

- Nate


Hi there!

This will be my first time at Fanime (or any convention) and I'm looking for a room. Preferably with a bed, or maybe even just a spot on the floor. Of course, the closer the hotel the better but I'm up for making anything work :)

I'll be coming from Sacramento Friday night and staying until Monday. I'm a really easy going person and I get along with anyone. $ isn't a big issue, whatever's fair - I just don't see the sense in booking a room farther away for just me when there's a chance I could be closer and meet some new people.

If you have something that might work for me - message me on Kik: gamesucantwin or send me an email: [email protected] 


Im looking for thurs-monday room. Close to the con. 
PM me if anyobe has any room.
Most Impressive.


Need a Room

Introduction: Hi! I'm Shaina! This will be my third time attending Fanime as both a cosplayer and volunteer! I am 19 year old college student from the Bay Area, and I'm currently living in Santa Cruz. I'm a pretty open, direct person in general and would be willing to room with anyone.

Hotel Information: I'm fine with any hotel, but I would prefer one within walking distance of the convention center. If not, as long as I have a means of transportation to get to the convention center, such as the shuttle, I'll be perfectly fine. :)
I'm looking for a place to stay from Friday to Monday morning.

Requirements: I'd prefer to have a key to the room, but I totally understand that they're limited in supply. I also have a tendency of going to going to sleep late or coming back at late times depending on circumstances. So I'd prefer to be with people who tend to sleep late as well so I can easily make it back to the room if I cannot have a key for myself and to cause the least disturbance. These things can be discussed in further detail, and I'm willing to work with sleeping earlier/ getting back to use room earlier.

Micellanous: I mainly just need a place to change, hold my things, and tend to myself whether it be cleaning or sleeping. I am willing to sleep anywhere, whether it be a bed or the floor. Thus, I won't really be a bother. But yeah besides that, costs aren't too much of an issue for me.

If you're interested in having me as a roommate, please PM me!
Potential Cosplay Line-Up for Fanime 2017:

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Miko Mido - La Blue Girl (Friday)


I need a room

+ I am looking for a room Thursday – Monday. My name is Charles and I am looking for a non-typical hotel arrangement (see Miscellaneous section).

+ Hotel I would like to be in
#1 Hilton or Marrott
#2 Hyatt or Westin san jose,
#3 fairmont

+ cost – I will pay up to half the room bill or negotiated price.

+ contact – facebook :
      Email : [email protected]

Email should be the fastest way to contact me but you can message me here or on fb. I rarely use FB.

+ Miscellaneous – I am looking for a special arrangement. I am looking for a female attendee who has already paid for their room (meaning you already planned to pay for your own room) but may be kicking around the idea of having a somewhat attractive roommate to save a little money and have something to look at when they get back to your room.

I am a great roommate. I don't snore and i am quiet. I sleep on the floor and don't need anything from you. I bath twice a day and can accompany you to breakfast if that is something you want. I can watch anime with you or play video games or exchange chit-chat if you would like or be a silent bump in the corner who helped pay for your room.

the fewer number of people in the room the better. I will never have anyone over to the room. I don't drink, smoke or use drugs.

Im stopping here so not to weigh down this post. Anyone interested please email me soon. It is apr 24th and Fanime sneaks up faster than you think. You can ask me any questions and voice any concerns and hopefully we can work them out.

+ requirement : i need a room key

(negotiable) I am trying to sell at the swapmeet so for a while I will have several boxes with me. It won't take up a terrible amount of space and I rather have It with me instead of taking it to my car every day.


Hi! My name is Katie! I am a 24 y/o nurse currently living in Nevada but have family living in the Bay Area. Anime has been my life-blood since junior high. I love a wide variety of genres. I love hanging out and meeting new people. I've been attending Fanime since 2010. Currently, I am staffing at Fanime this year, but I have been having trouble getting a room through staff housing at this time since it's getting pretty close to the convention.

If possible, it would be awesome if I could room somewhere within walking distance of Fanime. However, I'm willing to take the shuttle if necessary (or the rail line if it is near too). I can sleep just about anywhere, only a little floor space where I can curl up is needed. I just need a place to take a shower, get changed, and sleep. Only one small bag of luggage. Money isn't really an issue. I have no preference on gender/sex as long as you are cool ;D I'm looking for a room from Thursday-Monday or Friday-Monday preferred.

Feel free to PM me here or email me at: [email protected]


Room available:

I have a room at the san jose holiday inn. Very likely about to get moved to one of the closer hotels on the 29th Thursday to Monday,+1350+North+1st+Street,+San+Jose,+CA+95112/San+Jose+Convention+Center,+150+West+San+Carlos+Street,+San+Jose,+CA+95113/@37.3432662,-121.9010273,15z/am=t/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x808fcb85ec354dcd:0xe4189e7245fa445d!2m2!1d-121.908499!2d37.361629!1m5!1m1!1s0x808fccb0748b2f73:0x1615f1acacf4449a!2m2!1d-121.8888075!2d37.3298443!5i1

Looking for people to stay. 2nd time going to fanime. Not really a party room, more of a chill out and fan yourself off after wearing over bulky cosplay costumes.

I'm 34, will likely be gone most of the time. PM or email me at [email protected]. Payments are through paypal to secure your spot. Not dealing with the last minute flakers at the con :P


Yo I'm Bo. I'm a full-time college student (Engineering Major), part-time security guard, and I've been watching anime since at least 6th grade (Will be 21 on the 21st of May!). Speaking of 21 I don't drink or smoke but I'm fine with either as long as it isn't cigs. I love music and I'm starting to become one of those concert going guys that i used to be baffled by, which is why I'm excited I'll be able to finally go to 21 and over venues soon. This will be my second time going, my first time being two years ago. Since I couldn't make it to last years con the people I roomed with two years ago had to get another group so this year they are in those same groups which leaves me solo :(. To be quite honest it'd be cool to meet some chill people around my age who I can enjoy the con with. I'm a trustworthy chill guy and I hope you are too, or girl, or what have you.
Here are my IG and FB and MAL(outdated) for stalking reasons
Hotel Information: Fairmont Fri-Mon
Costs: Trying to get it to 100$ apiece between 3 people.
Contact: I am very good with responding to email on my phone. Please hmu at [email protected] (it was cool at the time)
Requirements: Must be cleanly, okay with late night comings and goings, chill, and ready to have a good time.


Roommate WANTED:

Hi, my name is Rin. My friend and I are looking for one roommate.

+ Hotel Information: I have a room booked at the HILTON San Jose for the FULL 5 nights from Thursday to Tuesday.
Arrival Date: Thursday, 5/26/2016    
Departure Date: Tuesday, 5/31/2016

+ Costs: The estimated total for this stay is around $800. So split evenly 3-ways, it will be $267 each.

+ Requirements: Need to be at least 18+ (would prefer 21+). Please exercise common-sense, such as observing basic hygiene, respecting other people and their belongings.
This booking has a king bed WITH a rollaway bed.

+ Contact: You can PM me here, but it would be most convenient to message me on FACEBOOK. You can also email me at [email protected]. Feel free to ask any applicable questions.

+ Miscellaneous: My friend and I cosplay, and chances are high that we both will probably bring a lot of cosplay gear. I have very little idea of what my FanimeCon 2016 cosplay lineup will be, but at the very least, I'll probably bring 10 cosplays.


Room Needed for 3 people

Hey all! My name is Chasen. Im 29 with my gf being 25 and other male friend being the same age.

Hotel Info: Preferably close to the con but with the shuttles and everything it doesn't really matter on days 1-4 and willing to fly in day 0 if you have a room that night.

Requirements:Willing to help pay for food or alcohol if you drink. The 3 of us are quiet, respectful, and all cosplayers. I have been con going since 2006.
Thank you for the consideration!
We will all be cosplaying from Splatoon and Fire Emblem Fates over the weekend and flying in from Las Vegas NV on whatever day a room is available on either day 0 or day 1.

Planned WIP cosplays
Monster Hunter 4U-Raging Brachydios Armor


1-2 Roommates needed (any gender)
Name: Sora
Hotel info: San Jose Marriott. Price will be $180 for entire stay. I have the room from Thurs-Tues, but anytime in that time will be fine. Please PM me if you are interested.
Other info: I only request that you don't bring alcohol into the room and don't smoke. If you wish to drink, you may do it elsewhere, but please come back sober.
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Hello everyone, I need a place to stay for Thursday night and Saturday night. I'll be leaving on Friday morning and Sunday afternoon. I'll be taking my stuff with me when I leave the room. I have work on Friday afternoon and Monday morning. I prefer the San Jose Marriott or the San Jose Hilton.


Hi. I am jonathan. I just got an email today confirminh my hotel room. The hotel room is a single room, but i would like to share the room if possible. The room cost is 568 so far. I think the room might have some taxes as well. I would like to share with two other peolle if possible to lower the cost. You can find my facebook account by searching me email "[email protected]". My cell phone is 408 809 6358. I am a male, with my other friend is a male as well. It is my 4th time going to fanime. I havent gone since the long line thing of 2013. It is my friends first time going. Room is for thursday to monday.

I really like anime. Some of my favorites are soul eater, fairy tail, bleach(first arc), one piece, and many more... i also love playing video games. Some of my favorites are fallout 4, skyrim, fallout 3, dragon age origins, any many more.

I hope you do contact me soon. I woild like to get to know you before hand, ie lunch or chill. Let me know your name, a little about you, and favorite anime/game. I prefer you contact me through phone or facebook. Thanks



Looking for a room!!


Hey, I'm 18 and I'm a female! I'm really quiet and clean and I don't take up a lot of space.

Hotel: Looking for a place at the Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Westin San Jose, or Fairmont from Thursday-Monday!

Requirements: I'm fine with a floor space, don't care about gender balance or price, but I'd love a room key!

Contact: Email me at [email protected] or shoot me a message on FB @ Mads Arettee!


I got a hotel room and I'm looking for roommates. Anyone who needs a room is welcome, it's the Alura Inn, so we'll need to use the light rail. If that's ok, then message me.


Looking for someone to room with at any hotel. If it's not to expensive, I can pay for them in addition to myself. Would prefer the hotel to be close to the convention, as due to my epilepsy/seizures I cannot drive.


Hi! I'm a 24 year old male going to Fanime for the first time (coming up from LA) and just looking for a place to sleep and shower for the weekend. No requirements for roommates (male or female, whatever's fine). Price is not too much of an issue so preferably somewhere closer to the convention center. Maybe we can all grab a drink or something while we're at it and since you're helping me out first round of drinks are on me ;)

You can PM me here or email me at [email protected]