Question regarding hotel availability

Started by Sirius140, November 19, 2014, 05:01:42 PM

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I went to go register for a membership and book a hotel today and I did successfully register, but when I went to go book a hotel, none of them were available for any parameter. Did they just fill up that fast or do we still have to wait?


Hotels already opened and yeah, they really did fill up that fast. :(

At this point, the only options are to...

A) find a room at a non-discounted hotel
B) find a friend who managed to snag a room and try to room with them
C) in hotel reservations, set your arrival day to Wednesday and your departure day to Thursday, then reserve a room (any room), then email FaniHousing AT cmr DOT com and ask to be put on the waitlist for the room type you actually want.

For method C, you have to have a reservation before they will put you on the waitlist. Also, there's no guarantee that you'll actually get the room you want, as there are probably a lot of people on the waitlist ahead of you already.
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DANG, I knew I should've jumped on this sooner. Anyways thanks for the condensed info. Kinda confusing reading other peoples alternatives