Set of queries: Resumes, and the 2015 logo

Started by Rodney_Pheonix, January 08, 2015, 10:45:03 PM

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This got brought up in one of the facebook groups for staffers, is the a general guide for listing Fanime staff positions on our resumes?

Or should it just be:

Fanime Staff for year(s) [dates]
Position (unpaid/registration compensated)
General description of what we did

Also does anyone have an example of the 2015 logo so I can have a look at it? Couldn't find anything on the fanime site itself.
Personal FanimeCon 2015 Fund: ?/?
Planned 2014 Cosplays:
Kiev Klanker
A young Sidrovich?
HL2 Combine (concept art trenchcoat one)
Something idea yet.


From me asking around my former non-fanime bosses (college is why former) what you gave there minus the unpaid bit is just fine on the resume. Personally, I draw out the name cause not everyone knows what fanime is, so Fanime Convention Staff (2010-current) would be golden.