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Started by Hachimitsu, November 11, 2014, 02:28:10 AM

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!!!ROOM is full!!!
but payment has not been made yet!

Roommates Wanted: 1 slot left (maybe)
Hyatt Place (across the Street)
$130/per person
F r i d a y  -  M o n d a y
people confirmed to go (i can only hold 5 MAYBE 6 people)
Note: Blue = Male   /  Pink = Female
Hachimitsu-ink  = In charge of the hotels!   (Claiming the Hall Floor Space.. maybe)
BayareaMVP     = Very Best friend             (Claiming the bed due to kneck prblms but again maybe)
Anon               = Swap meet veteran         (Floor space)
JaySmile28        = New Guest                     (Thinking the sofa bed)
Faultykeyblade[/b][/glow]  = New Guest                     (Thinking the sofa bed)

Misamo = Already paid for the bed rights. sadly it's still uncomfirmed!

..::Awaiting from people::..

alexm993 = New person who is into anime

• Introduction:
Hello my name is hachimitsu (Male - Age 32) and I would like to let you know I book a hotel and I have a few friends wanting to stay over.

As of now, I am slowly steadily preparing myself for fanimecon (along with several other conventions).
I really do love to play video games, Cosplay and love to draw. There are times where i had some great success's with artist alley and miserable moments like ....artist alley.
Apparently Swap meet always cheered me up but whenever i got the chance to be the seller, I usually ask the people from my room mates to "HELP ME".

Last year was a blast, but the same time it also created some mixed Feelings on "enjoyment".
I really hope next year will be a better improvement than 2014, but all in all, it wasn't a complete disaster.

My huge interests are:
Kingdom hearts, Legend of Zelda, Magi (because of the genies), Sailor Moon, Pokemon and anything nintendo/sega related.

Amenities :
• Your Own Key
• Coffee Machine (hotel already has this built in)
• Refrigerator
• Wi-Fi Internet access
• Parking access? (this needs to be researched though but i heard its $60 for the entire week but this was last years response)
- Microwave (i'm going to try and ask for one, since I hear this was more of a request service)
- A video game console (still undecided what console I should bring)
- Art / Crafting Supplies
- MORE PLUG OUTLETS!!!(seriously I noticed last year i have no power space T_T)
* Food/snacks (it's still undecided but I need to get something for you guys to have and eat!

I know this is expensive to you but to me, your helping paying the hotel, followed by having your very own key as well
however, Do not pay me yet (right now I am working and trying to calculate some things here and there)

• Requirements:
- For once i really like to have a conversation of how your doing, if your okay ya know, but try not to joke when i am in trouble
- I am very stressful and late, so please don't be mad at me, I have a very good reason!..mostly artist alley and gallery
- If I am a messy person, I will clean my mess up as neat as possible, also try to be neat and nice as well O_O!..
- DO NOT BRING COLORED SODAS! they will charge ALOT of money, I learned my lesson after strawberry soda, so just bring clear soda or just water!
- if I feel depress, please cheer me up!. it helps a lot!
* All beds/sofas cannot be ASKED, they are only givin by generosity on my behalf *

• Contact:
~you can private message me
( I do have the right to decline offers, please be aware of this )

+ Miscellaneous:
I am hoping to participating on Artist alley and swap meet.
I do get stressed out a lot.
I will also bring some Cosplay materials incase if anything is needed on mending

as of now I can only fit ONE more person but again, I cannot confirm who is going and who is not, so far I am still trying to apply for floor plans here and there.. and so far I think I a running out of space!... The hall space i know is one area I want to claim, because the bed was design for those who have problems sleeping or partially disability.
I am still awaiting confirmation from misachan!


Room is full.


Roommates Wanted: Looking for 1 FEMALE room mates,  There will be 5 people in the room (including myself)

Spaces Filled (Including myself) 4
Spaces open: FULL

+ Introduction: My name is Michele, I also go by Michi or just "Mii".  I enjoy candle light dinners and long walks on the beach.  Wait, wrong information.  I'm a 30 year old female from Colorado.  I've been going to Fanime for a few years now.   I'm a cosplayer.  My interest are anime, JPRGs, writing in fictional languages, and baking.  Fan of the moe and magical girls.   I flip flop from being painfully shy to extremely open.

+ Hotel Information: I'll be staying at the Fairmont from Friday May 22nd to Tuesday May 26th.  That's right, till Tuesday.  What does this mean for you? No dealing with packing up Sunday night, No rushing to get checked out in the morning, no lugging your luggage downstairs while you wait 3 hours for an elevator.. none of that.  =w= Isn't that wonderful?

+ Costs: The cost will be $113 per person.  Payment can be either over paypal or in cash in person.  Payment MUST BE UPFRONT.  In other words, you CANNOT pay me after the con, or insist that you'll pay half now and the other half when you get your next paycheck, etc.
+ Requirements:

  • As I said before, female only.  Sorry for any guys out there.
  • 18+ 21+ is preferred.
  • Respect the Hotel's property and other people's property. 
  • Keep the room reasonably clean.
  • No illegal shenanigans.  No drug use, no underage drinking.
  • This is NOT a party room.  I'm fine if your need to have someone come up to help you with a cosplay, or such, but by NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you allowed to give your card key to anyone. 
  • Do NOT touch the Mini Bar!  There are sensors and it'll automatically charge if anything is moved.
  • SHOWER. Wear deodorant, febreze your clothes, practice good hygiene, all that fun stuff!
  • If you're coming in late (After Midnight) do your best to be quiet in case people are sleeping.
+ Contact: You can contact me via PM

+ Miscellaneous:
I will be buying a cake from Bijan Bakery for everyone to share.  This will be on Sunday night.

I'll be bringing food that everyone is welcome too ( cup of noodle, granola bars, oat meal, etc)

There will be a first aid kit that is for everyone.

Emergen-C will be provided.

I'm a member of the Fairmont's President's club, so Wi fi will be free.

Please Note: I DO suffer from depression/anxiety. And I may have a breakdown. If that happens, I apologize in advance.

I'll be trying to arrive around or before noon.  But since I'll be flying in, I don't have 100% control of when I arrive.  However I'll keep everyone posted!

ADDENDUM:  If you need to park your car using valet or something similar, you'll be in charge of those charges. [/s]

Spaces have been filled!  If there are any changes or openings, I'll post here.  Thank you all so much!


Found a Room!

+ Introduction: Hello my name is Kelli, I am a 28 year old woman!  My favorite thing is reading fanfiction!  This will be my third Fanime and my sixth con.  For Fanime I plan on cosplaying Nami from One Piece, Fem!Canada from Hetalia, Hanji from Attack on Titan and Velma from Scooby Doo.

+ Hotel Information: Hotels I would like to stay in are the Hilton, Marriot, Hyatt, Fairmont and The Westin(Sainte Claire).  I plan on staying from Friday 22nd to Monday 25th.  I'm willing to pay up to $100.

+ Requirements: I would prefer a female only room and a bed.

+ Contact:
Email [email protected]

+ Miscellaneous:  I can't wait for Fanime and thank you for reading!
Fanime Cosplays

Black Widow - Civil War/Winter Soldier
Nami (Time Skip) - One Piece
Nanami (Formal Kimono) - Kamisama Kiss
Sea Goddess
Red Panda Kigurumi



+Introduction: Hey I'm Peter (Yon702) and im looking for a room for my friend (Jimmy) and I. Both 21 and will be packing only about a duffel bag and/or Suitcase of luggage EA.

+ Hotel Information: Negotiable on Price 100-200$ EA Holla hollla.
+ Hyatt/Hilton/Marriott -Preferred

Will be driving down from Vegas on Wednesday.

Preferred Wednesday - Monday.
But Thursday - Monday is fine.

+ Requirements: Roof over our heads, or a floor of safety.

+Contact: [email protected] or PM On Fanime fourms is also fine.

+Miscellaneous: Let me know what you want to know  8) and lets have some fun :P

Edited , Ended up booking a room at the holiday INN


Need a room:
+ Introduction: Hello, I'm Todd.  I have been to 3 Fanime's in the past so this isn't my first con or Fanime.  I am Male, 27, and don't pack too much.  I usually have a suit case but that is just so my costumes aren't smashed in my backpack. 
+ Hotel Information: I would prefer a hotel where I can walk to the con so I can avoid taking a shuttle, but if it can't be helped then so be it, it isn't s deal breaker. 
+ Requirements: No party rooms or orgy rooms.  I am cool with the people in the room buying some alcohol to drink or if a couple wants some alone time ;) but I don't want to be in a room that is turned into the party room with out of control drinking, sex, and drugs.  Besides that I am cool with sleeping on the floor if I have too or sharing a bed.
+ Contact:  or on the PM here.
+ Miscellaneous: I am a huge DC comics fan and I also love anime, and video games. I am good about keeping to myself as last years fanime was the first time I had a friend with me at the con.  If the hotel is within walking distance to the on I usually go back to the room to relax if I have time, use the bathroom, drop off stuff I bought that is a pain to carry around or change costume.  If I have to take a shuttle back I usually only come back to change costumes or relax if I have a decent amount of time between a gathering or panel with nothing to do.  If it matters.

No longer need a room.


room found. idk how to delete. ignore this lol


Room availability at the San Jose Garden Hotel.
I know the Fanime 2015 rooms were brutally massacred before most people actually got a hold of one,
so I'm just giving a temporary heads up that there's been some availability at the San Jose Garden Hotel for the past few days.
[I've been going back every now &then to check if it's still there.]
For anyone who needs it.


+introduction: Hi!! My name is Leora and I'm a student and san francisco state. I like drawing, writing, and cosplaying. my favorite series are nge, sailor moon, utena, tokyo ghoul, and gurren lagann. I like videogames too! I'm 18 years old and nonbinary (female bodied).
+ requirements: I'm looking for a room to stay for the whole fanime weekend, preferable at the ramada, or somewhere cheap. I hope to room with trustworthy people, so I can trust my valuables don't get taken, and that there's no drugs being done.
+contact: You can email me at [email protected] or facebook:

found a room
fanime cosplays:
tiki, fire emblem awakening
super sailor chibi moon


Need A Room!

+ Introduction:
Hey my name's Amy! I'm a 25 year old female from California and this will be my sixth time at Fanime. I'm an easy-going fun-loving person and a definite night owl; I love being able to just kick back and laugh while having a good time and making new friends. Overall I'm real easy to get along with, don't believe in taking what's not mine, and in case you were wondering I regularly bathe and change clothes (I know that can be an issue with some con goers so I figured I'd throw that out there). I also pack pretty light since I don't cosplay so I don't plan on taking up much room. I'm cool with sleeping where ever and I actually have my own air mattress so I definitely don't need a bed spot. Overall I just plan on having as much fun as possible and I'm super stoked for Fanime 2015!

+ Hotel Information:
Ideally I'd like to stay at either the Marriot, Hilton, Fairmont, or Hyatt from at least Friday to Monday (although I'm open to staying Thursday and even Tuesday as well).

+ Requirements:
I'm really not picky when it comes to living conditions or the amount/type of people I room with. I'm perfectly comfortable rooming with both guys and gals of almost any age range.  The only real exception to this is small children and infants, just because rooming with kids adds a layer of responsibility I'd rather not deal with while on vacation. I'm also cool with couples of any orientation as well as large groups, after all the more the merrier, right?  And lastly while I personally don't smoke I don't care if you do, I also don't care if you drink because in all honesty I'll probablly just bring a bottle and share it with you.  ;D

+ Contact:
The easiest way to get a hold of me would be through Fanime's pm system, but if you'd like you can shoot me an email as well at [email protected].  From there we can always swap phone numbers if it looks like we're hitting it off.

+ Miscellaneous:
While it's not a must, I'd love to be able to crash with some fellow night owls, and drinking night owls would be a major plus! For the past couple cons I've roomed with people who had early curfews and were super strait-edge, and while we totally got along, I found myself getting bored a lot. I'd like to be able to have a bit more fun this time around and not have to constantly worry about being back by midnight only to lie on the floor quietly for hours until I pass out from sheer boredom. Q w Q   So if you like to party or even just being sociable please save my con experience by letting me room with you!

Thanks for considering me as your roomie for Fanime 2015; if you have any questions or think we might be a good match feel free to contact me anytime.  Here's hoping to hear from you soon!

Yaso Magatsuhi

Edit: Im good now!


Booked a room, so this no longer applies.  :)

The Doctor

Roommates Wanted
+ Introduction: Name's Virgil, avid con-goer, and regular to Fanime since 1999, looking to fill the 4 remaining spots in the room.
+ Hotel Information: The hotel is the Marriott on con-grounds, Friday to Monday.
+ Costs: Shooting for a total of 140 for bed spots, and 90 for floor.
+ Requirements: 21+ room. Not a party room per se, but kicking back reasonably (and legally) is all good. Maintain each others space, dont mess with anyones props/bags/etc, and respect sleepers is all that's required.
+ Contact: PM me here, or reach me on Facebook. (PM for link)
+ Miscellaneous: This is a queer-friendly room, so keep that in mind.


Roommates Wanted!
+ Introduction: Hi there! My name is Jennifer, and I had previously posted looking for a room, but then I actually managed to book a room instead, so I decided to look for some roommates instead! This will be my second Fanime, though I've been to several other conventions, like SacAnime and SakuraCon. This is also the first time I'm actually hosting a room, to be honest. I will be flying in from Reno, NV. I'm looking for up to three two one roommates (preferably another girl), possibly four three two if there are extenuating circumstances. Keep in mind, I can only guarantee a key to one more person.
+ Hotel Information: The hotel is the Four Points by Sheraton San Jose Airport (3.5 miles away from the con, but it is on the shuttle line, so that's a plus!) and I am booked from Wednesday to Monday. Note, you do NOT have to stay the entire time, though you are welcome to if you are so inclined. Just be aware that my flight doesn't get in until around 9:51pm Wednesday night, so it'll be quite a late check-in. I will also be keeping an eye out on the Fanime Hotel Registration page to change it to a closer hotel to the convention (tried to get on the waitlist but they were full), but that isn't a guaranteed thing. I'll keep you posted if that happens.
+ Costs: That depends on how many people I find and days you want to stay, etc. As of right now, if I get one more person, it will be $100 per person for Thursday-Monday (will be slightly more if you want to stay Wednesday night with me). Now, if I manage to score a closer hotel, the price will go up a little, but I'll let you know if that happens. :)
+ Requirements: Just the usual, be respectful toward other people as well as their property, do not trash the room, no smoking in room, etc. Would prefer everyone to be 18+ (I'm 29)., and it is going to be co-ed. Also, you should be okay with sharing a bed, or you can sleep on the floor. Any questions, feel free to contact me!
+ Contact: You can either message me here, or e-mail me at [email protected]. I will provide any additional information (phone #, Facebook information, etc) upon request.
+ Miscellaneous: I will be cosplaying as Balsa from Moribito and Yona from Akatsuki no Yona, as well as my usual pirate costumes. I was going to try making an Erza from Fairy Tail cosplay, but I don't think I'll be able to finish it in time. This will be my first time actually cosplaying a character at a convention; before, I would just dress like a pirate and call it good. I'm suuuper excited!

All spots are filled, thank you!


Space Left for two more!

I have space left for two more roommates in my reserved king sized bedded room at the San Jose Marriott. c:
More would p o s s i b l y be welcome, but I think 5 is the limit for everyone to be comfortable.

Room details;
Check in - 5/22/15
Check out - 5/25/15
(Friday - Monday)

Cost per person - $175.00
(To ensure your spot, we can talk about a $50.00 Paypal deposit anytime before the end of this month.)

-Any smoking is to be done o u t s i d e of the room.
-Same goes for any drinking.
-Everyone will get a room key.
-No shady business/keep it respectful.
-Any other questions, please by all means ask! c:

Email - [email protected]
(or you can message me here, but I'm 100% active with my email on my phone.)

danny faygo



Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I are in dire need of a room. We were accepted in the Artist Alley but we have no place to stay, and we would love it if someone had space in their room for us.

We would like to stay Friday - Monday. 
Since we are vendors and have a *TON* of stuff to carry, a hotel close to the convention center would be ideal.
And I don't mean to be picky but I can't sleep on the floor, I have back problems, so if at all possible, he and I would like to share a bed.

I know this probably seems like we're asking a lot but we will pay our fair share in full, in cash, and we are very easy going and easy to get along with. We're quiet and will sleep at night because we will be gone working all day!

Thanks very much for your consideration!
You can message me on here, or you can email me (I check my email way more often): [email protected]


UPDATE - 4/29/15 at 10:34 a.m. (All of the spots were taken.)

Hey, all.


The stay is from Day 0 to Day 5 (Thursday to Tuesday)

$100 for the floor spot. 

If you accept the spot, I am requesting that payment be received by me at least 2 weeks ahead of the convention, and I can send you that info when you accept.

Any questions or RSVPs can be sent to [email protected]