2-Person Group Registration?

Started by SpiritOfKairi, January 25, 2015, 11:22:49 AM

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Think I asked this question before, but forgot the answer.  Anyway for 2007-2013 it was an option to create a group registration with only two people.  This was great for me and my roommate since I could grab our memberships while they got our stuff in the room.  When 2014's convention rolled around , even though groups of two were not available at first, registration staff let us have the option of creating them a couple months before the con.  This year, groups of two have not been offered, but I'm wondering if staff has any intention of letting us combine registrations like they did last year.  Any chance this will happen?  If not, then just do pre-registration pick-up like last year where we only have a 5 minute wait, and that will be good too =).


We will try our best to have a minimum wait line again this year.

Unfortunately I do not think we will be bringing back the 2 people groups for this year. Perhaps in future years though but definitely no promises.
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