Newbie to a con ;-; Someone should totes go with me!

Started by Baystuck, February 11, 2015, 10:08:13 AM

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I am a pretty big homestuck but I have never been to a con. I plan to go but I'm terrified and have horrible social anxiety in crowds. I don't exactly have homestuck friends near me, just over the internet haha. Anyway, I'm going as Kankri, I don't mind who I go with I'm just incredibly shy. I am also only going on friday or Saturday. Once I find out what panel I want to go to.


if you do go by yourself, dont be afraid to go to Cosplay hangout. Everyone in there is super friendly, and some are knowing of the homestucks. If not, have them send you to me, as im running around doing photography for CGD, And know homestuck pretty well.


Well, if your not good with crowds, then Fanime is going to be overwhelming. If your just going for one day, you'll quickly want to stay the whole weekend next time. If you find yourself ok with large crowds by then.

My advice for first timers is to look up videos/maps of the con before you head out. If you local go to the convention center to get yourself familiar with the area. It's way different when there are no crowds.   
You really don't have to worry about going alone, specially if your going to be in cosplay or going to a cosplay group meet up. You can look up where the homestuck meets will be held up and find some new friends there.

As always if you have any questions, you can just post them. We all been newbies to cons at one time. So we know what it's like.
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I'll be there early on Saturday morning; I would be happy to meet up with you in the morning ( I'm happy with meeting with any homestucks in the morning)

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Hello there, and welcome to the Fanimestuck community!

The HS folks at this con are always really nice and really accommodating. You won't have trouble at all finding people who are friendly, and you'll probably make some new friends pretty quickly, no matter how shy you are.

Fanimecon is a somewhat larger con, and it can get pretty crowded. If I were you, I'd stay away from the very crowded areas if possible (dealer's room, AA, Stage Zero, etc.), walk through the lower level of the convention center or outside, and find places around where you can rest and take a breather on occasion. There are some lovely parks around, as well as various cafes and restaurants and a few large outdoor spaces that are actually part of the CC property (the front area, some balconies, etc.), so if oyu need to get away from the crowds, you can probably find a quiet corner you can rest in.

I have no idea what my schedule will be like at this con, so I can't volunteer to show you around, but if you ever see me, please feel free to say hello. I'm often in HS cosplay, though not always. (I'll be posting a cosplay schedule once it gets closer to the con and I get all my scheduling sorted out.) The HS gathering is usually on Sunday afternoon, so you will probably miss that, though it tends to be VERY crowded and probably not the best place for you. If you do happen to make it to the gathering, I'm usually the Condesce. I'll be a little grumpy, but I don't bite.

Though, if you are at the con on Saturday, that will probably end up being the day of Dinnerstuck again. Dinnerstuck is an event that I like to put on where a group of Homestuck fans all go out for dinner together. It requires making reservations with me in advance, and I'll have the info up around late April or early May, but it is a very fun and very chill event. If you do better in smaller groups than larger ones and want to hang out, you're more than welcome to come. Last year there were ~8 people in the group, though I can take up to 15 or 20, depending on the venue.


Chill man you'll meet a bunch of Homestucks at Fanime. =)
If you want a group of Homestucks to hang out with then go to the gathering there are at least over 200 people there
saying as Fanime is a huge convention.
Also the panels that are related to Homestuck you should go there as well ^^
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I can totally go on either one of the weekends. I would love to meet up with any of you or say hello.


I'll be there both days but I don't know when I'll be there on Friday becausethat when I'm driving up  :P but I'm cool to hangout with you :D

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I'll be new to Fanime! Not new to cons or large crowds per se, but definitely new to cons where there will be any sort of Homestuck presence to start with. And I'll be cosplaying (possibly for the first time ever if you're not counting my light costumey attempts)!

Feel free to say hi :) I'll be the very obvious South Asian-y will be able to tell once you see my costume ;P


OH BTW GUYS I AM GOING FOR SURE. So yeah if you want to hang out you can always ask for tumblr or fb shit text me.