Fanime Cosplay Spectacular 2015, Let's Get EXCITED~!

Started by PrincessSquib, March 05, 2015, 09:43:59 AM

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Hello Everyone!

      Welcome back for another wonderful con, let's get excited everyone! This thread is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has anything to do (or is even remotely interested in) the Fanime Cosplay-Spectacular-Masquerade-Whatever-It's-Called-Now event!

     Here we can talk about:

-The themes of the con this year
-What we can expect
-What characters we're thinking about doing
-Any skits we've loved in the past
-Things that we're working on
-The categories we're entering
-The general themes of our skits
-And those of us who have been in this event in the past can feel free to help some of the newbies!

I'm sure this year will be great!

-Princess Squib
Princess Squib Cosplay
Cosplays That I'll Be Making For Fanime 2018:
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-Shaina from Saint Seiya
-Pink Diamond & Jasper
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Hello Princess Squib~
I just saw this post today.
I certainly hope that there is some information regarding the Masquerade.
I already sent an email for my team to return (especially since one of them is leaving after this Fanime, his last performance with us and we want to make it really special for him) =)

I've been thinking of reprising Miki Sayaka from PMMM, but seems like no one really has a gathering for that.
But for the stage, I am planning to do someone fairly recognizable. (hi-mi-tsu~)
Certainly hope that it will be a great event again.


On this subject, when do the sign-Ups for the masquerade begin this year? It's already March and May is technically right around the corner from April. I look forward to performing on stage like last year. Does anyone have any information regarding sign ups instructions and emails to send the requests to?


Getting super hyped!! Got a skit planned for this year with a group and it's gonna be fun!! :D
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Rengoku (KnY)
Rook (Twst)
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