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Started by SoftSquishes, March 06, 2015, 11:42:08 AM

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Hello! I am going to be attending Fanimecon for the third time! I am going to be there Saturday and Sunday. This is the first time I will be going for two days, and I do not have any friends to go along with me. I am going to be cosplaying Mirai Kuriyama both days. ( Don't think I'm gross! //// )
I would love to meet up with some people. I am very shy and I really want to change that this year.
Age doesn't matter to me. However, if it matters to you, I am sixteen.
If you're interested, just comment below!


Ahh Mirai Kuriyamaaa <3 I cosplayed her last year~~

I wouldn't mind meeting up depending on my schedule at Fanime~

And I feel you, I'm also really shy but I started to try and open up and be social ; u; People are pretty friendly at Fanime so I'm sure if you try to join in on anything, they'll let you join happily~~
Fanime 2016 cosplay lineup!

~Kamui from Fire Emblem
~Hana from Prison School
~Umaru from Himouto Umaru chan


Waahh! @ v @
I am so happy that someone replied! Meeting up would be so great!
As you figure out your schedule, I'd love to be updated~



Hehe mkmk~~

What do you normally do at Fanime? ^^
Fanime 2016 cosplay lineup!

~Kamui from Fire Emblem
~Hana from Prison School
~Umaru from Himouto Umaru chan


I'm usually just walking around, getting pictures taken of me, and shopping around. Sometimes I'll go and watch whatever anime is showing or pop over to Artist's Alley. It gets a little lonely.
And a little boring. ; ;


Just chiming in, I can see doing those can get a bit boring after a few hours. Have you tried doing the dance classes, trying the maid cafe? I always do this for a bit of social interaction and to kill some time.
Not your typical anime junkie.
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I'll kick it with you! or whoever for that matter
I had a con before I went by myself and social anxiety kicked in oofta
friends make con


I'd be interested in having someone to hang around with.


I'll kick with you guys


Hello! this will be my second year going


I'll be dressed as Peter Parker (might not be super recognizable) my lanyard tag is baskinrobin!


hope you have fun and meet kool people

this would be my first year for me and my bros

im 26 my bro is 29 and the other is 17


We will be group Cosplaying Evangelion (Gendo, Racer Rei and Racer Asuka) today... if you see us come up and say hello!
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