Panel Rooms at Fairmont 2015

Started by TC X0 Lt 0X, March 15, 2015, 07:42:23 PM

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TC X0 Lt 0X

So I took note that the Panel Rooms will again be at the Fairmont for 2015.

I was wondering why they got switched from the Marriott this year and 2014. I can't speak for all attendees but at least for me the Fairmont is just so far off from the main convention center that I really couldn't squeeze room in to go to a panel last year. When in the Marriott it was much easier to just stroll into a random panel to waste some time in between other events/panels without making it a 10-15 min walk back and forth to the convention center. And it just seems like having everything localized in the convention center makes sense.

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The Fairmont is more spacious, allowing for bigger panels and more organized lines. Less confusing snaked lines. Plus more people can see the all-time favorites about magikarp and cthulu and stuff