The HOW & WHAT to be a gathering/event Organizer ~3/18

Started by BSaphire, March 18, 2015, 10:03:01 AM

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Hello cosplayers! The process for hosting a gathering/event has been refined for Fanime 2015. Here is a breakdown of the steps:

So the process to host a gathering/event may seem overwhelming, but it really isn't. Following the process step by step will help, however if you want it to be really successful it requires a commitment to those who will attend and to getting things done. The more you get to know those planning to attend, listen to their ideas and suggestions, ask for help, and have a structured plan the better it will be. Don't be afraid to ask other organizers for their ideas and suggestions because they have a wealth of knowledge they would love to share too.

We all procrastinate to a degree, however this can lead to problems for Gatherings Department Staff, the attendees, and YOU. Once the dates are set and the Official Gathering List opens things roll pretty smoothly till about three weeks before con when EVERYTHING in life seems, "Do Me NOW!" which leaves you feeling crazy! Well, if you follow the steps provided and stick to the dates, everything you need to host a gathering should run smoothly. So let's start.

The first steps:

#1. Check the URL thread to see if your gathering idea has already started or if it falls into a larger gathering that already has started. The URL List Thread is located here:,19892.0.html

#2. Start a thread for your gathering/event. Setup your first post with the information located here:,19895.msg483024.html#msg483024
If you utilize other websites/apps where you are talking to people about your gathering/event, put those URLs on your first post of your Fanime forum thread.

#3. Post your new gathering/event thread URL on the Gatherings URL List thread:,19892.0.html[/color]

Some general thread rules and suggestions are:
Don't post tons of pictures on your thread, instead add the URL where the picture can be located.
Don't make it cluttered or hard to read:
instead put up a "banner" type, "logo" type, or custom art type picture and then add the rest of the information on the first post.
Do keep it simple: Over using forum features can make the information become lost. Hit the preview button and scroll quickly down your first post to see if the key important points are easy to spot.
Do use consecutive posts:  Saving the first 2 - 5 posts so you can add or edit information is a really good thing to do, however if you are going to save these posts PLEASE make sure to put a "Post Key" at the very TOP of the first post so people can find out where the different groups of information are located. A good example is located here:,19895.0.html

Be active on your thread, update your first post as new people are interested, find an assistant or two to help you, and get ideas from others on how to make your gathering fun.  Your first post is the easy way for everyone to learn about your gathering/event, so make sure all the info the attendees need is found there.

#1. Wait to submit your SR (Submission Request), until the Official Gatherings List opens. This information is located on the first post located here:,19895.0.html
#2. Look to see which group your gathering is under to know your SR date.
These groups are:

  • Group #1: Returning Mega Gatherings (150+ cosplayers attended the previous year) and Staff Run gatherings.
  • Group #2: Returning Large Gatherings (60–150 cosplayers attended the previous year), potential Large Gatherings (current gathering with 55+ confirmed cosplayers planning to attend).
  • Group #3: All other gatherings.

#3 Submission Requests:

Put your "Gathering/Cosplayer Event" name in the subject line of your email.
If you are organizing more than one, the SUBJECT line should read:  MULTI Gathering

Copy the following information into the body of your email and then customize it for your gathering needs. If you are a Large or Mega Gathering, you may submit any other gatherings you are organizing on one SR. (One SR = all your gatherings.  List each gathering/event you are organizing separated by the name.)

List your information in the following order:

Gathering or Event Name:
ALL URL's for the gathering/event:
Your Fanime forum name and/or badge name:
All assistant(s) forum name(s) and/or badge name(s):

DAY: (*Please list preferred day 1st)

TIME: (*Please list preferred 1-2 hour window 1st)
For Example: 
  1st: 10:30am - 12pm
  2nd: 2:30 - 3pm
  3rd: 12:30 - 1pm


4: Other

Any other information I should know:

If there is a Cosplayer Event included with your Gathering, please list each event:

Cosplayer Event Name:
Organizer's forum/badge name:
Any URL's:
Event Day & Event Time:
Is there a place where everyone is meeting first and at what time?
Event Location:
Who may join the event?

Make sure your SR information is complete and then send it to [email protected].  Upon receipt of the email your request will be processed. Any missing information will delay the process of getting your gathering listed. Once you have submitted your request, look for and respond to any email replies, posts in your thread, or PMs ("Private Messages") in your Fanime message box from Gatherings Department Heads/Seconds ASAP so questions can get resolved quickly.
Your gathering(s) and/or event(s) will be listed on the Official Gatherings List located on the first post here:

Check the Official Gatherings List several times before Con to make sure the information is correct and has not changed.
Now for the last step before Con: the Confirmation step.

Unfortunate things happen, from missing organizers to day/time/location changes for many different reasons. This last step is to make sure all the information we have is correct and your projected number of attending cosplayers matches your location choice. Confirmation is done about three weeks prior to Con, when everyone is finalizing their plans for the weekend, to make things easier for you, your attendees, and our staff. Here is what you do:

#1. Check your numbers of possible attending and update the first post on your thread.
#2. Finalize your Photography Order and that you have enough people assisting you to run your gathering(s)/event(s) smoothly.
#3. Your Confirmation is posted in the Official Gatherings List thread located here:
#4. Copy the following information into the body of your post and alter it for your gathering(s) or event(s).


Your gathering/event name:
Is your gathering/event information correct on the Official Gatherings List? (yes/no)
Your changes to gathering/event info:
Your possible attendee count:
Your gathering/event photography order:

Once everything pre-Con is done, you only have three simple things to do AT FanimeCon.
#1. Make sure your support staff for your gathering/event is still available.
#2. For Organizers ONLY, check-in at the Gatherings Table located on the 1st floor of the Convention Center ½ hour BEFORE your gathering.
#3. Take a deep breath and go have fun with everyone at your gathering/event. You have worked hard to get here so make it fun for you and everyone else.
If you need help, don't be afraid to ask the Gatherings Table staff for help. We will always be happy to assist you.

So here is a quick URL recap on the important info locations:
URL List =,19892.0.html
OFFICIAL FanimeCon Cosplayer Gatherings & Cosplayer Events List =,19895.0.html

If you can't find the answer to your question please post it here in this thread. Someone will reply back to you. If you "need HELP" or advice on how to make something, who you should go as, where to buy, or how to make use this thread to ask your question: 
Cosplay "HELP Me..." thread =,18226.0.html

If you are looking for other cosplayers who might be cosplaying from the same title as you then you are "Looking for..." them and should post in this thread:
2015 Edition of the "Looking for..." thread =,18209.0.html

Have a great Fanime!
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Cosplayer Gatherings Organizer 2005-2015
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