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Why is everything always late?

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Just thought I'd let you know that I responded to your question as a PM as I did not want to go off topic too much.

My boyfriend and I had a big discussion two nights ago about the state of Fanime. This year was extremely stressful on my part as I organize Fanimecon trip every year for my con companions(one who flys in from Finland for the fourth consecutive year) Fanime to us seems to deteriorate our con experience as each year goes by. I'm usually an easy person to entertain but when I am sitting in a foreign city in a hotel lobby on my anniversary day waiting for more than three hours to get a hotel reservation that is 4.5miles away from the convention hurt my soul. I'm happy to say that I got bumped up on the waitlist but from the time of hotel opening til a couple of weeks ago that was extremely rough and stressful. The fact that nothing has been announce yet since hotel opening with just less than two months away from convention date is unsettling. I brought it up with my friends and their response, "What do you expect? It's Fanime." Embarrassing. I think I came on this forum today to write my last opinion/experience of Fanime as a sense of closure. We decided that this year will be our last year. We have decided to go out of state and join many others.
I hope this year the guest would be awesome and let us have loads of fun for our farewell to FanimeCon, indefinitely. 

Moving this comment to the other thread, feel it'll be better spent there.


--- Quote from: Oniko on April 09, 2015, 09:30:44 AM ---Moving this comment to the other thread, feel it'll be better spent there.

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Post it on every thread, maybe they'll start paying attention!

Hayao Miyazaki for guest of honor in 2016 or we all protest the next con!!!


--- Quote from: citrus on March 30, 2015, 04:10:57 PM --- I've attended 2014. While seeing big name music artist like HOME MADE KAZOKU perform for the first time was absolutely amazing. Every other guest was absolutely terrible with people I have absolutely no clue who they are.
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Terrible is obviously a matter of personal taste, but if you've never heard of the guest, well, that is on you.


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