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Started by MizSparklez, March 31, 2015, 08:02:16 PM

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Hello! I am new to FanimeCon and I will be going to FanimeCon on Sunday. The problem is that since we are going only one-day, it's a little confusing on how to get our badges. I'm going in a group of 3 (including me) and I want to purchase online. I've looked in the FAQ for help and how to register and purchase is a bit confusing. Please answer my questions below so it won't be confusing for me please? :D

First of all, can I register today and purchase on Sunday?

How do I make a group?

How and when do I purchase online for the badges?

What do I have to bring when I pick up my badge?

When do I pick up my badge?

Please help! :)


Yoooo so no worries- I was confused on registration when I first started going to Fanime too~ happens to all of us sometimes at some point or the other. So I'll answer in order, to the best of my abilities, cuz I'm not apart of staff.

  • When you register, you purchase your badge at the same time. So it's not reserve a badge now and pay later. You can only purchase a one day badge on the day you want to go to the convention while at the convention.
  • Because you only want to go one day, you cannot make a group, but I think at the convention when you buy your badge, you can just purchase everyone's right then and there yourself so they don't have to do anything except wait for you to give them their badge.
  • Technically answered already but- if you only want to go on Sunday, you do not buy anything online.
  • You need a valid form of ID, which is a drivers license, passport, regular state issued photo ID card, or a student ID. Any of these will work! If you and the other two people in your group just choose to buy badges individually at the convention, they would need their own form of ID as well.
  • Also technically already answered.

I hope this clears some things up! ;;; If you have more questions or need some clarification just ask and either me or someone else shall help you out~


Hi guys,

So one clarification- you don't actually purchase a badge. You purchase a membership and the badge is a representation of your membership (kind of like a gym membership).

You can't register and purchase a badge for someone who is not present. The registrant has to be there for badge pick-up in the minimum if they are not registered in a group.

If you have any more questions on the registration policies, feel free to email registration AT fanime DOT com.
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Quote from: Torai on March 31, 2015, 09:13:58 PM
  • Technically answered already but- if you only want to go on Sunday, you do not buy anything online.

Actually you can buy one-day memberships online, you just have to do it the day of. So you can purchase a Sunday badge 12:01 AM until 6 PM on Sunday online and go pick it up at the con.