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Started by KatiePants, April 12, 2015, 08:48:02 PM

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Hey everyone!
With Steven Universe picking up the pace, I decided to start a gathering at Fanime!
I've been gaining some traffic on attention for this and I haven't seen anyone else hop on starting a gathering.
I'll be there as Lapis with a co-host and we will hopefully have a smoothly run, awesome gathering!

Facebook Event

List of possible attending: Available on the Public Facebook Link, will update when comments on this thread happen

Photography order
Start with Group Shot with Everyone
1. Crystal Gems + Steven
2. Crystal Gems
3. Crystal Gems + Rose
4. Homeworld Gems
5. Humans
6. Fusions
7. Fusions + Unfused selves
[If time allows, individuals continue]
8. Steven
9. Garnet
10. Amethyst
11. Pearl
12. Rose
13. Lapis Lazuli
14. Peridot
15. Jasper
Closing Group Shot


Sounds awesome!  I won't be able to make it on Saturday, but if this is on a different day, I'd love to come :)

I'm hoping to have an amethyst cosplay completed by then!


Awesome! So far most people are suggesting Friday and I think that seems most doable


An excellent idea.  With the show's progress this past year alone, I wouldn't be surprised if the number of cosplayers for it increased greatly!


I'll be coming to this with a group of friends~ I'm gonna be Steven and I'll have a Garnet, Amethyst, and pearl in tow. Quite possibly a Rose as well.
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I think Friday might be tough since people who are coming from work or school will be getting to the con later that day, but it would be fine for me, haha :)


If it's at a time when we are opening I'll be goign as Rose Quartz with Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis, Steven, Garnet, and Greg <3


Aww sweet if it falls on Saturday or Sunday, I would love to attend this gathering! :3

I'm dressing up as Amethyst and my little cousin will be either Steven or Garnet shape shifted into Steven.
He can't deicide.


Just saw on the gatherings list that the Steven U gathering is listed for 4PM on Friday, is that the official time?

Devi 1313

I'm really, really tempted to whip up Lapis Lazuli in time for this!! If I do my boyfriend is going to be Beach Hunk Steven from So Many Birthdays.
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The gathering has been added on the list of gatherings as the official time, date, and location. First post has been modified.
Thanks for all the interest!
Hope to see you all there!


I'll be there as pearl with steven

mama zilly

I'm talking to my Sapphire right now to see if she wants to switch up our schedule and do Ruby and Sapphire on Friday, so look for us! :)
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Agh, is this Friday or Saturday? My Pearl, Amethyst, and I(I will be Lapis Lazuli!) are doing this Sunday :(



I'll be running around as Jasper on Friday! I'm definitely gonna try to make it to this meetup!!
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After last episode, I wonder how many folks will attempt a quick revamp to their Amethyst costumes....


count my group in for 4 more cosplays :D

Devi 1313

Bumping to see if any photos have surfaced of this yet!
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FB Event link above has a few so far.