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There ARE homestuck panels right?

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I looked at the line up and got scared because no homestuck panels. This is my first time and I really wanted to see a panel for the first time. I am trash ok. Btw I will be at con as sis strider, Kankri, sis bot, Kankri bot. If I get more cosplays before the dates I will do them too. But yeah, you all should come say hello.

there is 1 panel this year, all because there were 5 last year.

I thought I saw 2 this year.

There are, but both are ran by the same guy and one of them is an 18+ panel. I kind of count it as 1 panel considering how many people are underaged in the fandom.

Whoops, my bad. There is only ONE panel that was announced so far and it is called Rainbow Rompous Party House.


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