Will there be musicfest for 2015?

Started by citrus, April 18, 2015, 09:55:37 PM

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With the extreme lack of guests announcements or updates about anything of the convention. I am seriously concerned that there won't be a musicfest for 2015 or if there is going to be one, I'm expecting that the music line-up is going to be abysmal like 2012 or the 1st act of 2014.

Musicfest is the ONLY thing I remember each year (with the exception of 2012) and one of the only reasons why I even bother driving 2 and a half hours to stay around for the convention. If there is no musicfest or with an abysmal line-up, then this will be the last straw for me attending the con as its practically the entire reason why I attend fanime.