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Started by CosplayDevotee, April 19, 2015, 09:38:00 AM

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It's been an extremely long while since I've posted in fanime forums, so if this post is not meant to be here I understand, but could not find a place elsewhere that fit my needs. So sorry in advance and please be kind.

I will be cosplaying in a group of 5 this year, 1 day as an entire cast of Batman villians, the other days as 3 skyrim companions and two game of thrones characters.

This is the first time my group has been this large in awhile and many of us will be making our entire cosplays on our own which is both stressful as well as deeply fulfilling. We want to commemorate this event with locating a photographer(s) of any interest in creating a photoshoot/meetup at Fanime 2015.

We are open to discussing terms with anyone who is interested, if you would wish to charge for your time, we are also open to discussing these terms as well. To give you some idea of our costumes I will link a few photos here on our cosplays shortly.

Batman day:
Harley Quinn
Two Face
Poison Ivy

Skyrim day:

Accompanied by Game of Thrones:
Drogo and Danaerys

Once again, if this post belongs elsewhere, my apologies.


photographers found