The winners of the AMV contest being shown at the end of the cosplay/masquerade

Started by TheSledgehammer, April 23, 2015, 03:15:06 PM

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I think that's what it was called, the masquerade? Where everyone does little skits in their costumes? I used to always go watch all of them and enjoy it, and at the end or somewhere in there they'd play the AMV contest winners. I'm a long-time lover of AMVs, so it always was my favorite part. I remember since a few times at least they didn't show these AMVs and it made me sad, I even stopped coming to the masquerade at all, maybe out of spite, or it was too painful! I dunno, I just know that

I've been going to Fanime since 2001 and this is a feature of the con I miss, so I suggest put the AMV award winners back in on a big screen, in a big theater place :) Thanks for considering my opinion.


Hello! Head of the AMV Contest here.

We hold the award ceremony each year at Stage Zero so we can highlight the winners of the contest in front of a large audience at the heart of the convention center. However, I remember the days when it was at the end of Masquerade, and I admit, I enjoyed those days too. (I've only been the head of the contest for 2014-15, so that was way before my time.)

However, I also remember that on at least one occasion, not all of the winners could be shown because of time constraints. It came down to skipping masquerade performances or AMVs, and since AMVs weren't the purpose of the show, it had to be the AMVs. It was unfortunate, but couldn't be avoided. That's just one of the reasons it's at SZ now- we have a dedicated timeslot and can avoid disappointing any of the winners by having to skip their outstanding AMVs.

In any case, I wanted to let you know that your suggestion has been heard. It's too close to the con to make any changes this year, but we'll take it into consideration for future cons. Thank you for the feedback. :)
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