Pick up Registration question.

Started by itselguapo, May 07, 2015, 01:54:25 PM

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I just had a question about the pick up registration process, if I were to come past 8 or 9 would I still be able to pick up my pass? I see that registration for those days are between 8am to 7pm, and I was wondering if that was to register for a one day pass. We want to try to go that night, but I keep telling my friends I think the pick up stops at 7PM. Can anyone confirm this?


Registration hours.
Thursday: 3pm — 8pm
Friday: 8am — 7pm
Saturday: 8am — 7pm
Sunday: 8am — 7pm
Monday: 8am — 12pm

That's when they are closed for both registration and picking up your badge on site.