Swap Meet - Best Practices

Started by FanFicGuru, May 13, 2015, 06:14:11 AM

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I just want to leave a message and say thanks for all the tips here! I for sure used alot of them and it was a great help. As for change though, depending on your items I'd recommend more than $60 in change.

What we did was we had $150 in change (50 1s, 20 5s) and by the end of our thursday space we barely had much 5s left. Almost every buyer had 20s (some even gave us 100s!) and the break down in 5s is the best way to go about them as you will by far have 20s by the end of your selling.


I'm wondering if there are any limits to how much stuff I can bring in? I'm selling my personal collection of manga and I've packed it into more than 10 paper boxes.  In years past, we were told that you can't use a hand truck and that you can take in only what you can carry in a single trip. 

Will those be the rules again this year?

Admiral Donuts

No hand trucks is a rule, but I don't know about this "single trip" thing.

You can't leave your stuff unattended and there's limited help to move you to your space, so it will be a lot easier with someone helping you, but  I don't think there's any strict rule about moving everything in a single trip.

You DO have to have all your stuff together and ready so staff can verify it all at once; no bringing in additional stuff once you've checked in.