Day 0 hangout?

Started by beastboytitans, May 13, 2015, 06:45:37 PM

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hey all
All of my frands are coming friday!!
or had work or other stuffs : P

is anyone going to be around on thursday that wants to chill
maybe check out the swap meet, grab a drink, or something?


Possibly down? Only problem is that Thursday nights are usually my Folsom Foundry nights in SF and my hotel room is booked starting Friday, but I still might decide to swoop down after work to pick up my badge.

Let me know if anything is happening, just send a PM if anything.


I have a feeling its going to be stupid slow


Down to meet and hang on thurs.  me and a couple buddies are gonna be showing up stupidly early to pick up badges and don't have much planned afterward.

I'm thinkin' a lap around the con center. Food. Meet new people/meet people from previous cons. happy hour. Swap meet. 

Not set in stone, but that's my current forecast for day 0 on my end.


lol yeah thats more or less my plan for thurs. minus the meeting previous con friends.
I guess only a couple ppl want to get the badge early? lol
but thursdays are nice especially with a four day con
to unpack and relax >_<


Ooo maybe I'll see you there! What time will you be there to pick up your badge/wander around?


probably at like 3-4 or so