WTT / WTS - Anime carded and boxed figures

Started by djmonolith, May 16, 2015, 10:34:24 AM

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I am local and will be attending Fanime all weekend.  I have loads of carded figures:


and many boxed figures:


I am always interested in selling or trading.  If there is something you see that interests you let me know and I can bring it!  If this post breaks (or bends) the rules of this forum I will try to compose a more detailed post with prices and stuff, but there are so many items...

Well, message me if you are interested...
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The Rui Kousaka SRDX figure is gone.
Ojamajo Doremi is gone.

A number of Ghost in the Shell figures went in a batch.


I am still up for trades if anyone is interested!
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Some Ghost in the Shell gone.
The Bastard! figures are all gone.
Random Evangelion figures gone.
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Ah! My Goddess figures are gone.
Tenchi figures are gone.
BOME 3 is gone.
Gunsmith Cats are gone!

that's all for the update!
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