Fanimaid Cafe 2015 New Announcements

Started by Chihiro, May 17, 2015, 01:57:25 PM

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Fanime is in less than a week and Fanimaid Cafe is excited to announce many new things!!

♥ For the first time ever, we are hosting an exclusive VIP Event!
Held on Saturday, May 23 at 6:30 pm, Fanimaid Cafe's VIP Event is a special, reservation-only event. Our valued goshujinsama will have a chance to enjoy Fanimaid Cafe in its most jam packed, moé-filled form: exclusive live in-cafe performances, special group and table games, and an extended photo op with the maids.. and YOU can win tickets to go! Just come to Stage Zero and participate in a fierce competition of JanKenPon (Rock, Paper, Scissors) against other goshujinsama and ojousama.

There will be 2 opportunities to win tickets on Stage Zero:
Fanime's Opening Ceremony on Friday, May 22 at 2 pm
OR Fanimaid☆LIVE on Saturday, May 23 at 1 pm.

♥ In addition, we are making changes to our line queue system.
To better accommodate patrons trying to fit Fanimaid Cafe into their busy con schedule, we are pleased to introduce to you:
The Shinkansen Ticket system!
Shinkansen Tickets are good for entry for a party of up to 4 patrons into the Fanimaid Cafe. Patrons are to return to the Fanimaid Cafe for entry during the times indicated on their Shinkansen Ticket. Tickets returned outside of this time frame will not be honored. When patrons arrive and surrender their Shinkansen Ticket, they will be admitted into the Fanimaid Cafe, bypassing the general admission line. A name and size of party is required for Ticket distribution.

Distribution of these tickets will begin at 10:30am Saturday and Sunday. When looking at the Cafe entrance, the Shinkansen distribution line will begin on the left side along the wall, towards the entrance of the hotel; the general admission line will be on the right side, away from the entrance of the hotel. These tickets are limited in quantity and once they run out in the morning, they will no longer be offered.

*Note: Shinkansen Tickets are transferable. Max party of 4. Shinkansen Tickets are NOT for resale.
**If your party requires special accommodation due to medical necessity, please see the maids at the entrance upon your arrival.

♥ Last but not least, we are bringing back out polaroid giveaway!
We hope you enjoyed this event last year, because it's back again! Just like last year, the first 50 parties on both Saturday and Sunday will receive a souvenir cheki to take home! They will be able to take a Polaroid with their maid and decorate it before leaving the cafe.

We hope to see you there, and thank you for all of your support!
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