Pocket Guide in PDF form?

Started by Kuudere, May 18, 2015, 05:18:01 PM

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Open the pocket guide in the Issuu website.
On the bottom is a box with the facebook, twitter and ;other icons (i think they call it the "share" box). Once you that you will open a place below for sharing that includes a download option



Yay for pdf formatting! :D I'm adding my +1 for a Guidebook app, too.


It doesn't have exactly the same feature set as Guidebook (specifically mentioned here - no alerts), but I've updated my interactive schedule over at http://fanime.info/ - it does let you quickly highlight the things you're interested in, share your schedule between devices, view and modify your schedule when offline (assuming you loaded the page once while online).  Hope someone else gets some use out of it!


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