Hello, first time going to Fanimecon 2015

Started by -_-chuckles-_-, May 22, 2015, 06:26:49 PM

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hello people, not sure if this the right place for this questions. i somewhat know the DT area of SJ but my questions are
parking? is there those parking spots i can pay for all day
location? i notice on the maps it mentions different hotel buildings, is that correct? or im just reading the maps wrong
registration?/entrance fee? im going with 2 of my brothers and one bro taking his friend. i know its $50 for Sat. but i keep reading regarding groups and badges. whats that all about?
contest/events/shows? are these free?


well my first day ended at 10ish pm. it was fun. a bit confusing finding all these panels which we even know we could visit other buildings/venues/hotels. overall it was a fun experience. saw some really nice cosplay. we decided if we have time next year we would differently go back. and now at least we know to check the other spots.