Where are all the Ninja players?

Started by TheSledgehammer, May 24, 2015, 02:34:25 AM

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I remember a few years ago, people would be playing the game Ninja all over the place, it was fun, fast, and very little commitment. I stopped playing for a year or two because I wanted to enjoy more of the con, and this year I wanted to try and play Ninja again, but on Friday I saw absolutely no one playing, anywhere. I looked hard too. What's up with that people? First thought was did Fanime not allow it? I know they are cutting back on a bit of things in the name of 'safety'. Does anyone know? And if it's still cool to play, I'm calling all those Ninja fans, lets get this going, I like all the old topics about tournaments of it too! People would love this. So hit me up if you want to be a ninja, or just start a game in the game room.


My friends and I started up ninja on Friday and Saturday. Ninja was going on all day Sunday til 6AM! I'm glad to have introduced some friends and new people to a Fanime tradition.


i remember 2008-2009 was the glory days of ninja for me I WANT TO PLAY IT AGAIN

Been going to Fanime Since 2008


Space limitations actually. Our Gaming Hall departments are expanding and it is challenge to accommodate that while maintaining enough walking room for everyone. Its not like we wanted to cut back - I did see a few Ninja games but they were in random spots.

We do care about attendee safety and having someone getting hurt on the concrete floor is not a fun ending for any of us.
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