FMV Pre Show videos and Winners for 2015!

Started by Gaki, May 26, 2015, 12:32:58 AM

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Hi folks! Your FMV second reporting in again this year with the winners for the 2015 FMV contest and the vids from our Pre-Show!

Big thanks again to all of our contestants - this show wouldn't exist without you guys and myself, the FMV head and our judges thank you for all of your efforts. Without further ado, let's get this underway! The list is divided up by category, winners will be in bold and highlighted in red with links provided where possible.


A-1 Red Pill by Straw Buggy
A-2 I Will Not Bow by AntaresHeart07
A-3 Run Eren Run by James Blond
A-4 Holy War by OnyxAMVs
A-5 Night Raid by MycathatesyouAMV
A-6 Eternal Salvation by Rider4Z
A-7 Solace by Ookami
A-8 Area 52 by Unlucky Artist
A-9 They Hit Without Warning by CJEJTHEDJ

T-1 Cowboys Of The Bebop by shorisquared
T-2 March of the Penguindrum by Camichan19
T-3 Clash Of The Titans by Unlucky Artist
T-4 47 Trailer by Ookami
T-5 Attack of Badassdom by Maboroshi Studio
T-6 Sailor Guardians of the Galaxy by SerenityAMV

D-1 Girl Next Door by Kireblue
D-2 Aria of Perseverance by Xophilarus
D-3 Radiant Dawn by MycathatesyouAMV
D-4 Sleepy Sun Bears by drewaconclusion
D-5 Scars Will Remain by xDieguitoAMV
D-6 Levity by PieandBeer
D-7 Wer Traumt? by OnyxAMVs
D-8 The Will To Win by Maboroshi Studio

U-1 Anime World Tour by Nicolio1313
U-2 Lucky Seven by PieandBeer
U-3 Anything Can Happen by Nekokitkat
U-4 The Confession by GuntherAMVs
U-5 Imagine by BB SNYPUR
U-6 My Nipples Can Pierce The Heavens by drewaconclusion(audio is disabled due to a copyright claim)
U-7 Your Favorite Swimming Show by Camichan19
U-8 Ho-Kago Teastep by MoonieAMV

C-1 Stalking Stuffer by Sayoria
C-2 Chi & The Not So Company by MycathatesyouAMV
C-3 My Neighbor Figaro-Kun by Nicolio1313
C-4 Rebecca by James Blond
C-5 Cosplay Bargain Bin by Tarage
C-6 Rainbow Stalin Saves The World by drewaconclusion

AUDIENCE BEST IN SHOW: My Neighbor Figaro-Kun
JUDGES' BEST IN SHOW: Rainbow Stalin Saves the World

A big thanks again to all of our contestants! If I've linked a video in error, please let me know ASAP so I can amend it to the correct video. Myself or the head of the competition will be in contact with the winners shortly so we can confirm your addresses and get your prizes to you as soon as we possibly can!
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Great show this year! Question- what happened to audience awards for each category+best in show AND judges choices for each category + best in show? I always enjoyed comparing the results across genres. If possible I'd love to see that format return.
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This year we combined the Judges' scores with the audience's to create one set of winners. So the judges definitely still had say in who won each category, it's just in a different format.

We may tweak things further, so thanks for the input!
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Videos were awesome this year...had a tear moment when the Oasis song/ FLCL video came on.

Mango Bunny

Great year!

Does anyone know where I can watch Imagine, number U5?

Mango Bunny

To follow the previous post, does anyone know the song from the aforementioned video?


Hey Mango Bunny,

Unfortunately it seems that BB SNYPUR hasn't uploaded Imagine anywhere. I'll pass it along to them that someone's looking for it, though.

The song used was Pop Culture by Madeon.
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Imagine is now available on YouTube! We've amended the initial post, but you can also find it here. Enjoy!
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