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The Masquerade/Cosplay Spactacular name is changing


Hi all,

For years there has been confusion on what is the masquerade? What is the cosplay spectacular? How is this different from cosplay gatherings?  Why is this different from X conventions costume contest?  Where is it?  What is it about?

So I have decided that a much clearer, normalized name is needed.  This event will be called the 'FanimeCon Masquerade Cosplay Contest' or the Masquerade for short. 

What is the 'FanimeCon Masquerade Cosplay Contest'?
It is a live stage performance and costume contest in which contestants present their best looks and skits to battle for prizes.

What should you expect?
Great theatrical performances, amazing costumes and creative takes on the latests anime, games and timeless classics.  Come and see watch the show.

You want to be in the show?
Here is what you need:
 - Your own cosplay (this means no store bought or commissioned costumes, please.)
 - Music (if you need help, we will help)
 - A vision for what you want to be seen as on stage.  (if you need help, we will help)

Are there updates for 2017?

Yes, the web team has been able to push out the changes to the site and registration is proceeding.



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