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HELP! Tips for first timers

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Hello Forums Community,

We got some feedback on first timers needing more info and tips. Can you all comment so that I could compile something for them. Either on the website or in the program guide.

Thanks everybody!

Admiral Donuts:
Put up signs to some basic landmarks, shuttle stop, hotels, south hall... Or do you mean tips to give first timers? In that case, something about finding your way around before the con, like online or on Day 0.

Gatherings can be tricky so check with the desk a half hour before so you can get to the right place on time.

Panels often have lines, so once again, get there early and ask staff which line to be in!

Restaurants are busy often, try to keep snacks close by (hotel, backpack, car)

Assuming this is about us long-time attendees passing down our various wisdoms to the newbies, here are some things I can think of off the top of my head.

For cosplayers:
Bring a small repair kit to make quick fixes to your cosplay. Nothing puts a damper on things like a prop falling apart or a piece ripping off. Make use of the cosplayer hangout for this purpose as well. It's a photography-free zone, so you don't have to worry about there being picture evidence of costume malfunctions.

Break-in shoes prior to the convention. Bring moleskin to cushion pressure points and save your feet from pain.

Don't forget wig caps and hair ties for longer hair when using a wig. It can make a world of difference in appearance when your natural hair is properly hidden from sight.

It's okay to say no to a photographer. You don't need to give a reason. If you don't feel like having your photo taken, just politely decline. If they press it further, contact staff. You don't owe it to anyone to pose for a photo, even if you're wearing a cosplay.

Remember to take breaks and hydrate. It can be especially easy to overheat in cosplay.

If you are physically male and plan to wear extremely form-fitting spandex, consider investing in a dance belt. For all our sakes. There were some in-depth demonstrations of male anatomy all over the place this past weekend.

Fashion tape is extremely handy and important for keeping cosplay in place on your body. Check your fabric store for some.

If you plan to use a body-coloring method, make an effort to seal the paint to your skin. Only color your skin with products approved for use on skin (theatre makeup is perfect for this). Remember that cleanup can be messy and plan accordingly to avoid damage to hotels.

For regular attendees:
Go to the Opening Ceremonies. This was surprisingly the first year I've attended them, and it was the only way I found out where things like autographs were. It's a great resource for finding out what certain events are and where they'll take place.

Show up about an hour (or more) early to events that you think will be very popular. Autograph signings and some panels have lines and those lines can get capped early if there are too many people showing up.

Plan your schedule as early as possible. Utilize things like Google Calendar to see where events overlap so you're not double-booking yourself. Google Calendar can also be used to set reminders to be pushed on your phone before events so you don't forget.

Do your research on prices for items you know you want before the convention. That way, you know you're getting a good deal and if not, you'll know when to pass.

Set a budget for yourself ahead of time. Allocate a reasonable amount of money for food, and try not to use that money in the dealer's hall/artist alley/swap meet. That figure isn't worth starving yourself for.

Bring some non-perishable snacks if you're staying in a hotel. This can cut down on food costs and save you from making so many trips for food.

Do not engage the protesters in any discussion or give them attention. If you give them attention, they've achieved their purpose.

Shower/bathe/use deodorant. No one likes con funk.

Subscribe to all of Fanime's social media outlets. These will keep you informed of important things like hotel and badge registration.

If you don't get the room you want during hotel registration, use the waitlist. You still have a chance to get the room once people drop their reservations.

Be safe: While Downtown San Jose and the convention center itself up the level of police and security presence during the convention, bad things can still happen if precautions are not taken.

Be courteous to other attendees and staff. Not everyone is extroverted, and some people like personal space. Always ask permission before touching someone.

i think the other two posters got it.
needed lil more info and maps to be lil more clear with detail info
-remember the restaurants/fast food places are pack so try to get info on other places, walking distance
for example i did not know where the masquerade ball was at nor clockwork academy. i noticed people going to the Fairmount hotel but did not not know why.
this was my first time going to Fanime i went on Sat. either way we still had a great time

Check the Weather - It's typical sunny in May in California but it has rained in the past.

Bring Water - Lines for food and refreshments can be long and it's no fun to hunt down a water fountain when you're feeling dehydrated.

Wear Sunscreen - While most of the convention is indoors there are some events where you will have to line up outside, possibly for several hours.

Schedule Breaks - especially if you'll be there all 4 days you need to take time to get off your feet. In the past there has been a manga reading room and the cosplayer hangout. These are great places to get away from the crowd and take a few minutes to rest and recoup.

Monday Price Drops - if you are budget conscious be aware that on Monday sellers at the dealers hall and artist alley will sometimes offer discounts to move merchandise. You risk missing out on items if they sell out before Monday but if that is not a concern you might be able to get a deal.

If there is trouble contact fanime rovers - the number to contact Fanime rovers is printed on the back of your con badge. If you are being harassed at the convention or feel a situation is not safe contact the rovers.


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