Missed Connections - 2015

Started by Steve.Young, May 27, 2015, 03:42:43 PM

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Cause I know some of you definitely have them. Post them all here!  ;)
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I was the blonde Howl on sunday (and I think the only actual male Howl), had a few people ask me to dance at the B&W ball, and everyone seemed really nice and friendly.  Had a guy ask me to dance and was nervous as hell, but I didn't mind at all and was thrilled people felt comfortable enough to do that.

Anyways, if anyone danced with a male blonde Howl at the dance and want to hang out or something, message me!


I wore a top hat and your name is Amy and we danced at the 2013 and 2014 Black and White Balls, I was surprised you remembered my name in 2014, so I made sure to remember yours for this year!  However, I didn't see you at the ball this year, perhaps a missed connection, or perhaps you weren't able to attend this year.  Anyway, be sure to save a couple dances for me if you show up to the Black and White Ball in 2016!


We met at speed dating on Sunday in the 4pm section. You were a pirate, I complimented your eyes and you told me you were wearing contacts. I was wearing a red checkered shirt with black sleeves. You were my first match, but I wasn't yours. Hopefully I was your second or third?

Anyway, I enjoyed our brief conversation and would like to have some longer ones, so if you see this and you'd also like to talk again, let me know.
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Oh my god, I did not know this thread existed! So a friend and I went to the Fanime Dance Day 0 and 1 and met these two guys there. I think they were with a blonde girl but I'm not sure. During Day 0 my friend and I were by ourselves but the group was there as well, near us. The following night, we went again and they asked us to dance. We had a great time but we couldn't hear their names so the meeting was cut short since we had to go. We wanted to hang out again but could never find you guys! Because it was a very long while ago, I can't exactly remember the details, but one of you was wearing glasses and I believe had some serious breakdancing skills, while the other was wearing a commander-style hat. Probably you guys' don't remember or don't even go here, but if in the rare chance you do, message me and we can hang out again later on!

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