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I feel compelled to say something about a not cool photographer who asked to take a picture of my cosplay (a sexy two piece swimsuit version of sailor mercury that took me a lot of courage to feel comfortable wearing out for the con), and wound up taking a picture of only my crotch.

It was so sudden I couldn't react or make a scene in time, and neither could my friend who was with me. The guy was gone after he got what he wanted, and it's been bothering me that the one person that stopped me for a picture of my cosplay only wanted a crotch shot.

I didn't feel comfortable taking the picture alone 'cause the same thing hapened last fanime with a different male "photographer," so I told this one that I was okay with the picture as long as my pal was in it with me.
The dude said okay and wound up tilting his DLSR camera downwards in what was obviously going to be just a shot of my crotch.
It made me very uncomfortable and I want this sicko to get what's coming to him.

Perverted creeper photographers lurking around fanime are ruining it for actually decent photographers, and I was wondering if there was some sort of extra creep catching trainings that can be done to help staff nab and ban these guys that are ruining the con for the rest of us.

I really don't like that every time I have been brave enough to cosplay, some pervert cameraman makes me feel icky.
Same thing happened when I was swimsuit Mikasa too...but with a different person.

Hello, this is Michael, the Head of Rovers. I am sorry to hear about your encounter with these type of people (if you can call them people). We work hard every year to keep the convention safe, but with the growing number of attendees, it can be hard to catch everything ourselves. If you or anyone at FanimeCon is being treated in an inappropriate manor, please do not hesitate to report another person to any staff working Fanime. If you can give a description of what the attendee looks like, or if you can see any information on their badge, we (Rovers) will work on finding them and expelling them from the Convention.

If you have anymore questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to post, or PM me.

Nina Star 9:
I just wrote up a really long post about an incident I had involving a videographer and a possible off-duty Rover (who never identified himself and wasn't wearing a yellow armband), but the forums timed out and I lost all of it. :[ I'll retype it when I have time. (Just to clarify, it wasn't really /creepy/ as much as /weird/. It does leave some questions about who the possible Rover was though and how they handled the situation)

In the meantime, I'm glad that Fanimecon takes reports of harassment seriously. It really helps. The problem is that a lot of these creeps know how to work it so that they minimize their chances of getting caught -- catch people off-guard, wear generic clothing, emerge from and slip back into a crowd before people can get a good look at them or do anything to restrain them, etc. I've had one particularly notable incident with a creepy photographer and a crowd, about 5 years ago or so now, where he grabbed me, pulled me into the opening ceremonies crowd, all but told me that he enjoyed masturbating to my photo, and then slipped back into the crowd and disappeared before I could do anything. I had a few creeps this year "covertly" as for a butt shot in a high-cut leotard cosplay, and when I told them that I don't give butt shots, they angrily stormed off back into the crowd of a large cosplay gathering before I could do anything else. (I'm not afraid to tell people no or make a scene if I need to.) Thankfully I had people who were willing to watch my back as I was posing for (non-creepy) photographers after that as to prevent people from taking butt shots without asking, so I'm thankful for that.

Aside from physically chasing these people into a crowd and hoping to find them, there isn't much that can be done in these cases (at least that I can think of), even when the cosplayer isn't caught off-guard by a sudden butt photo or inappropriate touch. (I'm not confident enough in my ability to recognize faces to give a good description to a Rover...which that's fairly specific to me, I think, since most people seem to be better at faces than I am. Usually the creeps I run into are wearing very generic clothing [black or grey T-shirt, blue jeans] and have cell phone cameras rather than DSLR cameras or other fancier cameras, so it's hard to give a good description that couldn't be anyone else at the con.)

I do want to thank the Rovers for taking reports seriously, though, and doing everything in their power to help stop these incidents from happening (in most cases. Videographer story forthcoming.). :]


--- Quote from: Nina Star 9 on May 29, 2015, 11:32:27 AM ---I'm not confident enough in my ability to recognize faces to give a good description to a Rover...which that's fairly specific to me, I think, since most people seem to be better at faces than I am.

--- End quote ---

No, I'm pretty terrible with remembering faces too, especially in traumatic situations. Your brain goes into overdrive and important details like that can be easy to forget as you're stuck in that state of "did that actually just happen? What do I do?"

If possible to do safely, try to take a photo of them (or get a friend who has better control of their senses at the time to do it). That way you're not relying on your memory, and you can give rovers an exact image of who to look for. Again, only take a photo if you think that it's safe to do so. If someone is dumb enough to come to a convention and take these kinds of photos, they're probably dumb enough to get aggressive if they think they'll get caught.

Wow...the gall of some of these people is...amazing. To grab you and tell you he masturbates to your photos is shocking and disturbing.

On the back of every badge, there are phone numbers. If somethings happens to you, report it right away while it is still somewhat memorable in your memory. We do take harassment very seriously! The more you report these incidents, the more we can catch these creeps!



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