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Guests I Want For Music Fest 2016!!

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This thread is for MusicFest guest requests! For general guest requests, please use this thread in order for those requests to reach the correct department.

I didn't see the thread yet, and I wanted to get it started early so staff has an idea on who people want to see before they begin the long process of getting a MusicFest act.

Remember: the sooner you request, the better chance you have of staff being able to fulfill that request! These acquisitions can take months of planning/talking, so request early!

For 2016, I'd like to see:

* The Pillows (forever first on my list). They perform the whole soundtrack for FLCL and are just a great group all around.
* ClariS. Featured in Madoka Magica, Nisekoi, OreImo, Nise/Tsukimonogatari.
* Tommy Heavenly6. Featured in Soul Eater, Paradise Kiss, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Gintama, Bakuman, and Pokemon.
* Crystal Kay. Featured in Nodame Cantablie, Fullmetal Alchemist, and several J-dramas.
* Kalafina. Featured in Madoka Magica, Black Butler, and Fate/Zero.
* Etsuko Yakushimaru. Featured in Arakawa Under the Bridge, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, Space Dandy, Mawaru Penguindrum, Natsu no Arashi, Tatami Galaxy.
* Kana Nishino. Featured in Soul Eater, Naruto.
* Maaya Sakamoto. Featured in too many anime to name, but probably mostly famous for Wolf's Rain's Gravity.
* OreSkaBand. Featured in Bleach and Naruto.
* Supercell. Featured in the Monogatari series, Guilty Crown, Black Rock Shooter, Naruto, Magi.
And my #1 request:

* μ's. Featured in the Love Live franchise.

* Probably a long shot, but I'd really, really like to see the girls of μ's (pronounced Muse) on stage. While expensive to get all 9 girls, the cost can be justified by their value as both extremely popular singers and seiyuu. Since the group was founded from the anime/game (Love Live), it has the industry tie-in to make them relevant for MusicFest. Other conventions are capitalizing on their popularity (AX is charging its attendees just to watch a recorded performance), so if Fanime ever wanted to charge a small fee to help cover the additional costs, I'm positive people would pay to see them. If all 9 aren't feasible, they do also sing in smaller, three-person groups (BiBi, lily white, and Printemps), though that won't have as much impact, obviously.

μ's is gonna be ridiculously expensive and also a general logistics nightmare for staff because of so many of them.  Subunits are probably more viable.  It may also be easier and more efficient to do something like bringing fripSide over, as that means not only do you get fripSide for your musical guest, but you also get some of that LL interest via Nanjolno.  And Sat was cool when I met him as part of ALTIMA at Otakon last year.

Mimorin is also another good cheap candidate as she does solo works and is involved in a lot of anime titles in general.

Outside of the LL series, I'd really like to see Wake Up, Girls.  My understanding is they're pretty happy to go to cons that invite them over and I hear they were a blast at ACen previously.

(Consider this basically a request for fripSide, Mimorin, and WUG :P)

Oh, I know it would be incredibly hard to get them. But if they did manage to somehow make it happen (through corporate sponsorship/charging for tickets - both unlikely since that's not Fanime's style), it'd be a major home-run for them. Your suggestions are a nice compromise, though (but I might be biased because Yoshino Nanjou voices my favorite girl).

Thanks for adding your requests! It'd be awesome to make '16 the year of the idols.

Back in 2007, there was Play! happening at the same time at the CPA during Fanime. I'd like there to have another video game concert, even if it's not Fanime's doing. Play!, Video Games Live, Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions, Legend of Zelda, or anything like that.

Sunara Ishi:
Copying my list from the guest thread:

Music guests:
Kanon Wakeshima
Aoi Eir


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