Music Requests for the 2016 Black & White Ball

Started by le_momo, June 13, 2015, 08:10:28 AM

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Hello, everyone!

Every year, the Black and White Ball staff works as hard as they possibly can to learn and grow from the feedback and different experiences we have received. One of the positive things that we have been hearing was about the improvement of the playlist year by year. This is not because we have minions running around trying to read your minds to find out what songs will be perfect to play. This is because those who attend actually have an input on the playlist itself!

We would like to get a head start on finding out what you, your friends, or anyone thinking about attending the Black and White Ball would love to hear and dance to! For those who may not exactly remember what they liked or didn't like about the previous playlists, feel free to look through the playlists of previous years below.


Now, here are some things you should know about the playlist:

The playlist is generally a compilation of suggestions from the forums, social media outlets, and word of mouth. The Black and White Ball staff will look through the suggestions to look for songs that have a steady beat to dance to and fit with the type of dances being held during the event. We also check the lyrics (if there are any) to make sure that they are appropriate for all ages as there is no age restriction at the event itself.

While not all songs will be liked by everyone, we try our best to come up with a good variety of music for the various dance styles that will be taught during the weekend. The staff then has to ensure that the sound levels are correct, the tempo is right, and possibly cut some of them for length. This is a lot of work given how long the event is, which is why we have the playlist completed usually around the beginning of May. Because of this, we will be unable to take requests at the Ball itself.

Generally, we have found that the last few weeks leading up to the Black and White Ball sees an overload of requests and suggestions. Unfortunately, we are unable to include a good portion of those songs because it was so close to the event. That is why we're starting extra early for next year!

We would also appreciate it if you could link a video or audio clip of the song you're requesting. It isn't required, but it does help us make sure that we are looking at the correct song.

So what does that mean for you? You should get your requests in early!

This is YOUR chance to give input on what you would like to hear at the Black and White Ball!

We appreciate and look at all suggestions, but please remember that, while you may make a request, the Black and White Ball staff has the final say as to what becomes part of the playlist. If you feel strongly about your request, please say so and provide support for it. We are looking for all types of music from pop, jpop, kpop, anime, video game, etc. so don't be afraid to offer up any suggestions that you may have, even if you're not sure if it's suitable.

You may also email us your requests at [email protected]! If you choose to email us, please include "Music Request" or "Playlist Suggestion" in the title so we can keep track of it accordingly.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Thank you!
- Rebecca
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Mr. Wendell

EVERY song from BRADIO. For serious.
They hate this awful face, gonna cause **** in this place.

Mr. Wendell
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Missed this years con but I will be there next year and at the ball so yeah, lets ball.

Also can we suggest more than one song?

Love Sign Master Spark


Beautiful Trick
(arrange of "Love Colored Master Spark")

Dance with Witches has a dancey beat so throwing it in the suggestion box.



Late response:  You are free to post multiple song requests, but to save us time reviewing them point to a youtube link or similar.  Thank you!
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When I'm Sixty Four (The Beatles), Maxwell's Silver Hammer (The Beatles), All Together Now (The Beatles)... basically what I'm saying is The Beatles would be pretty cool.


What dances do you need songs for? Will they be restricted to the dances you're teaching or will there be other dances as well? I've noticed in past years you haven't taught dances such as quickstep, v-waltz, and jive, so it would be good to know what type of songs you'll be accepting/playing. Are you looking for music for International or American styles? I have a stash of nerdy ballroom music, but it would be good to know what would be appropriate to send.


ADSS - Swing Mood

electric swing would be great to hear on the playlist every now and then, and almost forgot disco future funk would be really fitting for a ball too!  VANTAGE // - いきなりUh-Oh

both are sub genre's of music so it be best to only use them to complement an existing playlist


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@WingsofLark - We try to keep the songs to the dances that we will be teaching.  Our current styles line up -

Argentine Tango
East Coast Swing
West Coast Swing
Cha Cha
Night Club Two Step

Feel free to post youtube links or PM me with any other further questions.  Thanks!

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There's some strange mix of nerd songs and pop songs here. I saw both on the 2015 playlist so I figured I would just put whatever I had that wasn't already on the playlist. Just to be clear, this is less a series of requests and more a list of suggestions, so feel free to use/not use as many as you see fit. :)

Kishi Ou no Hokori:
To Zanarkand:
Yasashii Boukyaku:

Foxtrot (International)
Eye of the Tiger:
Hit the Road Jack:
Sugisarishi Eien no Hibi:

Phantom of the Opera:
He's a Pirate:
Somebody That I Used to Know:

East Coast Swing
Dear Future Husband/Marry You Mashup:
     Dear Future Husband:
     Marry You:
Your Lips Are Movin':
I Kissed A Girl:

Hips Don't Lie:
Pon De Replay:
Thrift Shop:

Rumba (International)
Take A Bow:
Just Give Me A Reason:
Set Fire to the Rain:
Every Time We Touch:
Just The Way You Are:

Gangnam Style:
Sweet Like Cola:


Great Gatsby Soundtrack:
(PS: Some are more up beat and may be too fast for the Fanime Ball's style so I hope you can look through it and find what is preferable.)

Specific Songs:
Young & Beautiful-Lana Del Rey (Instrumentalh) []

Great Gatsby Soundtrack Instrumental:*Version*=1&*entries*=0


Thank you for your requests so far! We'll listen to them and see if we can fit them into the playlist. :)

We've got a little over a month until Ball! Get your requests in before the playlist is finalized!

- Rebecca
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New suggestions:

Angel of the Morning - Juice Newton
When You're Evil - Voltaire    (Would make for an interesting Tango choice)



Thank you all for your requests! We'll listen to them and see what we can include in the playlist this year!

Only a few more weeks until con! If you have any music requests, please post them or email them to us as soon as possible! We finalize the playlist before con, so the sooner the better! :)

- Rebecca
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2013-2024 Black & White Ball Head
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