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Age Segragated Dance

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Ah, it makes sense now. Well as an older brother myself, I know it's stressful trying to look out after them at that age. And at that age they all think they know was is best for themselves. (Which they don't)

To be blunt, it's not up to Fanime to protect your sister. Sure there are general safeguards for all attendees but it's up to you and her.  As cruel as it sounds I think that was a great life lesson for her. Even though Fanime is a great place, there are people that ruin/take advantage of the event. 

Personally I would not have let my sister out of my sight at the dance. Then again I have had serious talk about all the creep moves dudes will/are/going to pull on her. And she can defend herself if need be. But she always had that extra safety blanket that her big bros would take care of her.  Which there as been times which we did (I invoke the 5 admentment for this one.) resolve some issues.

Hopefully you can convince your sister to come back and try it again. With what she's learned as well as being one year older and wiser, and hopefully less creepers, she'll have a great time.

Mod edit: its called a dance

I sympathize with your issue, unfortunately I'm not sure how much age segregation for dances would really help. It would be pretty easy for older people who are intentional creepers to sneak into an under age dance. There isn't any standard form of ID that can be checked for minors and any ID (school and such) that can be checked can also be easily forged. On the flip side when you have an 18 and older only dance I feel that would only create an atmosphere where attendees are more likely to go with the intent of trying to hook up. And considering the chaotic nature of a con with thousands of people and the challenge it is to police and address cases of harassment and such I'm not sure that a "hook up" event is really the sort of atmosphere that fanime should promote/facilitate. I'm just gonna have to agree with the others. I think using your best judgment in these situations is probably the most that you can do. Also, I think that Fanime's Black and White Ball is really the more "family friendly" and "all ages" dance. (though admittedly I haven't gone in a few years so it might have changed).

Mod edit: its called a dance

What word was everyone using before the mods replaced it with "dance"?


--- Quote from: WorldDominationStudios on May 16, 2017, 01:16:18 PM ---What word was everyone using before the mods replaced it with "dance"?

--- End quote ---

probably a 4 letter word rhyming with save...

my guess is because Fanime doesn't want to be associated with drug culture

lol why would we bring drugs into something that doesn't relate with at all


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