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Fanime 2018 Cosplay Gatherings News Update 2/23

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Hello Everyone,

Hey everyone! We’re only a few weeks from con time, and we’re so hyped at all the submissions that we’ve gotten so far! We’re at 60 approved submissions so far this year, with some more on the way!! We’re here to give an update on those approved submissions, along with some exciting news!

First off, we’re happy to announce that our Cosplay Gatherings will be printed in the books this year!! It’ll be printed with a map and time and place and everything, so it’ll make it way easier for people to find and attend them!! To have your gathering included in the books, your gathering must be submitted and approved by APRIL 27th!! We’re still accepting submissions a little after that, but we won’t be able to put it in the book!

Large gatherings:
For gatherings that anticipate having over 60 people, we’ve been told that we have to schedule to have extra security on site for them. The deadline for those are APRIL 15th!! It’s right around the corner, we know. We kind of got this notice really last minute, so if you anticipate a gathering that large but haven’t been able to fully submit/get approval, please message us so we can still ask for that extra security! We can still accept the large gatherings after this date, but please let us know sooner than later so we can get the required extra security!!

Staff deadline:
This is a small extra we’re throwing in here-- if you are interested in staffing with our department this year but have been putting it off, now’s the time to throw in your hat! We’re always looking to bring on more staff that are passionate about cosplaying and helping people organize and have fun :) your experience level doesn’t have to be top star quality (though we appreciate it if you have that!), we’re really more looking for people who have passion about this stuff as much as we do! The deadline for that is right around the corner too, APRIL 14th!! Message us to let us know that you’re interested before that day and we’ll talk :)

Alrighty y'all, that’s the last of our updates for now. We’ll keep posting stuff as we go along. Can’t wait to see you all soon!!


Hi! Thanks for the update. Will there be a specific Facebook page/group set up for finding and organizing Fanime Panels? Or will they still be primarily organized here with the official list posted on FB/Twitter?

Unfortunately, I cant speak on their behalf, ill beep them to check in here.

Congrats for being the new head! I hope everything goes well on your behalf and good luck with the organization this year!!


--- Quote from: Imperial on October 28, 2015, 08:17:55 PM ---Unfortunately, I cant speak on their behalf, ill beep them to check in here.

--- End quote ---
I'm sorry I miss typed. I meant Cosplay Gatherings, NOT fanime panels. I must have had panels on the brain. my bad.


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