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Started by vralls13, November 18, 2015, 01:29:11 AM

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So both the Marriot and the Hilton and the Fairmont have some rooms available over Fanime weekend, mostly Sunday and Monday. But I thought it was odd that they would have any at all. The Westin has full availablity.

Is Fanime not reserving as large a block of rooms this year?

The Doubletree also has full availablity, does that mean no Clockwork Alchemey?  :-\



This is how it works. Fanime and their hotel company have set aside a set number of rooms each year for the convention. Fanime's hotel company always opens a few months before the con. Usually 4-5 months before.

For example hotel A has a total of 100 rooms. Fanime books 50 at a discount. The other 50 are sold at normal price for non convention guests.

You can book rooms at normal hotel rates now or you can wait till Fanime opens up their hotel block at a discount.
Sadly we have to wait till the hotel reg. Opens if you want the discount. Just keep your eyes open on the forum, fb, or Twitter.
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i booked a two bedroom suite at the new residence inn airport not that long ago, with very cheap rates. I would highly recommend the hotel since its not far from downtown and right in front of the light rail station. This is just in case i dont get any rooms from fanime housing like last year. Its only subject to a 24hr cancellation policy so it works out.