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Started by therokito, November 12, 2014, 06:17:23 PM

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Looking for room for 2!

Myself(35yo male) and my daughter(12 years old) are looking for a room for fanime.

Preferably in the Marriot or Hilton, thursday-monday(the whole weekend)

we will not have alot of baggage with us, we just need a place to be able to crash when we are tired or retreat to when we need a breather.

contact: [email protected]


+ Introduction: Hi! I'm looking for a room for my friend and I. We are both males 20/21. We are pretty agreeable guys and can pack light.
+ Hotel Information: Preferably as close/cheap as possible. We'll probably want to attend Thurs-Mon but that is very flexible depending on who offers a room.
+ Requirements: Literally just a rood over our heads.
+ Contact: shoot me an email at [email protected]. if you would rather text shoot me an email asking for my number. (I also have facebook again just send me an email)
+ Miscellaneous: Giant nerds seeking room pls help.


Intro: Hi my name's Dani or at least my preferred name, I'm looking for a room to stay in I'm 18 and live all the way in santa cruz I'm willing to negotiate a split price, originally I was supposed to go with some friends but they don't have stuff figured out yet so I've come here
I'm gonna be going for the full weekend, oh and feel free to call me Dii or something 

Room Pref: Gender neutral or female.  Roomates must be okay with cross dressing/transgenders because of the fact I am trans and plan to crossplay

Contact: You can contact me via email at [email protected]

Planned cosplays


Introduction Hi! People call me Kirtro (before anyone asks the name isn't based off of Kirito ^_^; ) Im looking for anyone who would be willing to let me room with them. The folks that I normally room with don't have a space for me this year so i've been desperately trying to find someone who will let me stay with them for fanime this year... oh right, my stats! Age: 28 Gender: Male also, I'll be packing light.

Hotel Information Preferably one that is walking distance, as I don't have a car >_>.... I'll be staying Friday to Monday

Requirements None whats so ever! The most I would possibly ask is a pillow but I DON'T need a bed or anything!

Contact [email protected]

Miscellaneous This is far from my first convention. so if needed I'm certain I can point you to people to confirm that I stay out of trouble and that im ALWAYS good when it comes to paying my share of the room cost. Hope to see you guys at the con : )
You most likely read my name wrong


Intro: Hey I'm Jamu!!! I'm looking for a hotel near the convention center with my friend Chun! We are both planning to table at artist alley so it would be very convenient for us to have a close hotel :O I am (going to be) 18 before the con and my friend Chun is 21 >< (and is coming from Holland!!!)

Hotel info: Our hotel preference would be as close to the con as possible.... and preferably a low cost per person since we are trying to save some money due to table and printing costs...//

Req: Please if its possible we would like to room with girls only?? Since we are both girls we would feel more comfortable that way// sorry//

contact: Please if you want to contact me my email is [email protected] or my twitter is @bintailo!!!

misc: we like anime and we both play ffxiv

Caleb Riemer

+ Introduction: Hello Im looking for a room for my girlfriend and I! Im 18 and she's 19 and this would be the third Fanime we attend I believe!
+ Hotel Information: I just need something thats fairly close and reasonably priced and were fine with sharing a room or sleeping on the floor! We'd like to stay from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon/night!
+ Requirements: I dont really know? Just a place to stay and put are stuff while we go out and about?
+ Contact: You can contact me at [email protected] or here at my facebook account
+ Miscellaneous: Were both pretty big homestucks(sorry.-.) but we also like Gravity Falls, KLK, Gurren Lagann, Marvel and Dc Comics, and just a whole bunch of stuff! We'd really appreciate getting a room and we'll even bring snacks!




Hi I'm Robby, just call me deadpool. I'm looking for room for 2 ! Please help us out !! I really want to go this year since last year I was sick! My friend and me are really hoping to have a room but since we spend so much at consplaying we bearly have any left. Please email if anything [email protected] have a great day !!! Oh we both guys by the way ;0 ok bye take care !!!!


+ Introduction: Hello! Im Meme. Im 20 years old and I'm a cosplayer that is looking for a room to stay at.
+ Hotel Information: I want to stay from Friday to Monday. Preferably at a close location to the convention
+ Requirements: I prefer to stay in an all girl room but I dont mind 1 or 2 boys
+ Contact: you can email me at [email protected] or message me on here
+ Miscellaneous: Im really into idol anime haha! But Im also into magic girl anime and anime about cute girls lol.



+ Introduction: I'm Ann, It be my second year attending Fanime, I'm 28 years old and enjoy anime/manga/video games and i also do a bit cosplay. I'm shy at first but i'm told i'm a fun person and outgoing. I been going to Anime Expo , but i love a chance to go to Fanime this year.
+ Hotel Information: Any hotel , mostly walking distance from the con as i'm going to cosplay this year and i dont know how the train works in SJ area.
+ Requirements: I just want a key to the room, anything else i dont mind any requirements.
+ Contact: my email is [email protected]  if you need a facebook/instgram/twitter  i have all three and paypal.
+ Miscellaneous: Anything else you wanna know , just let me know :) i'm really easy to get along with and i would love to meet new people this year around my area.


My girlfriend & I are looking for a bed in the Marriott or Hilton for Thur-Mon.
We're 26 and 32 (respectively), and are quiet non-party types, and will primarily stick to ourselves.
We'll be cosplaying, but won't have any huge props or anything, just a couple garment bags to hang up in the closet and a suitcase.
We're coming up from San Diego, but I lived in San Jose for years. I've probably been to Fanime ten times or so, but it's been some years since I last went. This will be her first time.

Any questions or to discuss price, feel free to email me at z-r0e[at]atZinc[dot]org


Looking for a room:

+ Introduction: Anon, or Chris. 36 y/o male. I will be driving down from Sacramento.
+ Hotel Information: Hilton/Marriott/DoubleTree preferred, flexible on days to be there, either Thursday(preferred) or Friday - Saturday or Sunday, maybe even Monday if need be.
+ Requirements: Depending on if I decide to participate in the swap meet on Thursday and/or Friday, will be arriving back to the room around 1-2am
+ Contact: PM here on the forums or email me at vioia_ai[at]yahoo[dot]com
+ Miscellaneous: Long-time Fanime attendee and swap meet seller. I will also probably do other things over the weekend besides the convention, so if you need a ride to anywhere in the area, I can hook you up.


+ Introduction: Hello! Im Mary but you can call me Miharu. I am 18 years old and I'm a female cosplayer from Sacramento that is looking for a room to stay at.
+ Hotel Information: Looking for a close/walkable distance hotel from and to Convention planning to stay from Thursday/Friday (depending when i am arriving) to Monday. Preferably at a close location to the convention.
+ Requirements: I would perfer to stay in a girls room, but it would be okay if there is 1 or 2 guys, as long as there will be a girl in the room. I might be bringing my scissor blade and dead scythe(if i finish) so i might need some space, but I will try not to take too much room.
+ Contact: you can message me here or email me at [email protected]
+ Miscellaneous: Im really into various types of anime but really into Kill La Kill, Madoka Magica, Black Rock Shooter, Kuroko No Basket, Durarara! and Bleach.



[/color]Introduction: Hi! My bf and I are trying to find a room nearby the convention center. He is 23 and I am 21. I am graduating from college the day of the Fanime. Yay!!! My boyfriend is a 6'4" big guy, who loves video games and animes. We might cosplay, we might not, but we'll keep our stuff clean and out of people's stuff.
[/size][/color]Hotel Info: We would prefer one in Hyatt or Fairmont from 22-25, possibly $100-150 in price but negotiable.
[/color][/size]As for requirements, we don't really need much. Maybe a bed for us to share and our own key, if possible. We won't bring much stuff but if it'll make the stay fun, we can bring game consoles, games, and what not.[/size][/size]Contact: send me an email, please.[/size][/size]Miscellaneous: Please help us! We're really nice and friendly couple.[/size]


We are booked at the Mission Inn which is quite a ways, but it's better than nothing right? I'm looking for ages 18-26 who are responsible and respectable!
If interested contact here
Facebook- Parryn Hightower
Skype- tsunsuke.asakura


Need a room:
+ Introduction: Hello. My name is Ken. I am age 33. I'm looking foraward not only get a room to share with, but to make friends with. I'm hoping to pay at least $100 for the hotel costs.
+ Hotel Information: Either Hilton or any  hotel that is close to Fanime
+ Requirements: I perfer someone trustworthy, and not have anyone to take my stuff while in a hotel. Other than that, I'm trying to learn how to be social with someone who enjoys anime, video gaming, exc. I want to have a good time there, and hopefully walk home happy with a friend bond with phone numbers, but someone who I can usually contact as a good friend.
+ Contact: [email protected] Facebook site:
+ Miscellaneous: I'm into yugioh, ddr, Cosplay, gaming, exc. I hope they  have better stuff to buy at the swap meet. Not to mention looking for good cosplayers.


Introduction: Name's alex. 26. Sup
Hotel Information: Willing to stay at the hilton, marriott or anywhere within walking distance. I will plan fri-mon, but thurs-mon is also acceptable
Requirements: Will pay when I get there. I've not had good experiences with paypal. Will probably want to have some drinks in the room during downtime. Would be willing to kick in a little extra for a bed
Contact: Pm me or skype-anojebussan
Miscellaneous: I would prefer to room with a bit of an older crowd (20+) since I'm a bit older myself but as long as there's some mature restraint it's not an issue. I'm also a bit of a night owl so I may wind up awake and on my phone at 4 am. Willing to make some new friends so maybe we can hang out around the con too. Less interested in typical shounen. More interested in stuff like tatami galaxy, rahxephon, akagi, outlaw star, kara no kyoukai, GITS, etc

2/21, still looking. Ideally would like to pay 100-150 or less. Willing to pay more if I get a bed and there's less people in the room


Need a room!

Introduction: call me Jay. I'm 20 years old.
Hotel Information: Preferably a hotel within walking distance, and would like to stay between Friday and possibly Monday.
Requirements: if you want to borrow my toothpaste or something, ask first
Contact: message me here, or email at [email protected]. I also have Facebook, message me for it..
Miscellaneous: The main things I like are Kingdom Hearts, Avatar/Legend of Korra, Ghibli, and Pokemon. I enjoy cosplaying Korra and Katara.


+introduction: Hi!! My name is Robert Bunag and I'm try to find a room for my friend Ismael (Male).
+His favorite series are:DBZ, Kill La Kill, Attack on Titans, JoJo, and currents ones that people are into.
+ requirements: He is looking for a room to stay for the whole fanime weekend,
+contact: You can contact him at 415-710-1250 or if he does not answer contact me at 650-278-9982
Misc:He is into DC and Marvel comics and into video games. He is a very down to earth guy and very laid back.If you want to know anything else just ask


Need a room:

+ Introduction: Hello, my name is Colleen and this will be my first year attending Fanime! I don't smoke and I don't really drink either, although I will be 22 at the time of the convention.
+ Hotel Information: As close as possible to the convention center for the whole con, plus day zero if you have it. Not required.
+ Requirements: Co-ed is cool, but if I'm sharing a bed I'd prefer it to be with a girl.
+ Contact: [email protected] or reply or message me here.
+ Miscellaneous: Can't think of anything else I might need to say besides that I'm really into manga and anime, as well as comic books.