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Started by therokito, November 12, 2014, 06:17:23 PM

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Hello everyone! I know this is extremely last minute but I had a few people drop out of our room so I'm hoping to compensate and find new roommates here.

- suite at the Fairmont reserved from Friday-Monday
- will be sharing the room with 8 other people
- only one king-sized bed and sofa available which people will probably rotate each night
- there will be a lot of floor space for costumes and props as well as sleeping bags if you decide to sleep on the floor
- cost for the whole weekend will be $80

- majority of us are third year UCSC students
- we do drink however we do not go crazy. Rules can be established for this if need be.

If you have any questions or you're interested in rooming with us, you can shoot me an email at [email protected]


+ Introduction: Heyy Im looking for a vacancy for me and one other friend of mine. We are both males 25/26 both really laid back and are both packing relatively light. I'm bringing a spidey suit and splatoon cosplay for the weekend and shouldnt take up to much room, as for him a B-Mo suit.
+ Hotel Information: The closer the better would be preferable and price at this point in time would be second to distance. I work Thurs and will be headed to the con that night around 9:30 My friend will be there either thursday or friday and we were both hoping to stay until monday, hopefully i can find a room whos plans line up with mine best as possible.
+ Requirements: nothing fancy just a spot in a room with cool people and a hot shower XD
+ Contact: Email me : [email protected] or Facebook
                 Instagram me or him Me: MellowMondie
                                                  Him: Breaksofresh
+ Miscellaneous: (idk) XD


Hey there, I'm currently on my phone so I apologize if the formatting for this is weird. I have a room for Fanime from Friday through Monday (3 nights) at the Fairmont that I no longer need since a friend of mine is giving me her Marriott room.

So I'm pretty much giving this room away, whoever replies first I'll go ahead and nab the info for them and change it to their name. All I ask is of course for you to update the payment information to your own. If you need more details I'll provide them to you, just PM, comment here, or email me.


+ Introduction: Hello, my name is Julian and I am looking for a room to stay in for Fanime. I am a 16 year old, male, second time goer to Fanime. I like to think myself as fairly laid back, and honestly once I get to the room after a day at the con sleep sounds great, so I won't bother anyone.

+ Hotel Information: I'd like to be in a room/hotel as close as possible to the convention center, and if not next to/part of it then a short walk is completely fine.

+ Requirements: Reiteration, close to convention center as possible. Obviously you all seem like cool people or at least want them so that shouldn't be an issue (but cool people preferred). I haven't noticed anyone saying they want/have a party room, so that shouldn't be an issue as well(No party rooms please).

+ Contact: PMs/email ([email protected]) are the best ways to contact me if you have room space available.

+ Miscellaneous: I'm into anime (duh) of most kinds, notably animes like FMA, SAO, Soul Eater, etc. I will however be cosplaying Homestuck characters, and will require a shower for most likely the first night in order to wash off the grey. The other nights I should be clean of grey so you don't need to worry about that.


This is the first Fanime I'll officially be attending, but I'll be going solo.
I do have a few groups of friends going, but I haven't coordinated with anyone and I'm doing this all last minute.
I work for a chain of hotels and the nearest ones I can get at good rates at 35$(1 King Bed)
and the locations would be no more than 6 miles from the convention center.
I wouldn't mind extending my employee discounts for a couple of rooms for anyone interested to chill and show me around the con a bit.

Here's a little about me:

26 y/o male, Bay Area born and raised.
My all time favorite anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion & Samurai Champloo
Current Interests: Kill la Kill, HS DxD, Tokyo Ghoul, NGNL, Ace of Diamond, Trinity Seven, Nisekoi, Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo...
(tbh, I watch too many series at one time and forget names, characters, and plot lines until the next time I watch or talk about it)
I'm pretty chill and easygoing, keep to myself for the most part, kinda shy-kinda not, but I like to think I'm an all around cool person.

Reservations would need to be made within the next couple of days (from the original date of this post) or else I wouldn't be able to book them anymore, so hopefully a few of you would be interested, if not I'll just make my commute from home, it's not that far away, but I wouldn't mind having a full con experience.

No gender preference, 18+ up only, not interested in drama or petty bs. 
Of course we'd split costs equally,
if you're down to party that's cool with me, if not... that's cool with me too lel

Email me!


Room with bed available at Fairmont hotel.

Hello there you can just call me DTron. Because of last minute flakes, I'm looking to see if I can get up to 3-4 people in this room. There are two beds; one for me and my girl, and another for who wants the bed. You can put up to two or three people on there or someone can sleep on the floor. Looking for some cool chill applicants to share a room with during Fanime. We have the room until Friday-Sunday (Noon). We've been to Fanime since 2008 and always booked at the luxurious Fairmont hotel which is only 1 min away from the convention site. Again, since this is so last minute I will put the price bracket down so you'll know EXACTLY how much your paying.

Room Price with 3 (Me and my girl + 1)= $108.00 (For the Weekend)
Room Price with 4 (Me and my girl + 2) = $ 81.00 (For the Weekend)
Room Price with 5 *Ideal situation for me* (Me and my girl +3) = $65.00 (For the Weekend)
Anything more than 5 people I'll have to consider, but will be open to conversation about it. Male/Female must be +18 or older. We don't care about the shade of your skin nor sexual orientation. We're pretty open and a chill back couple.
If you're interested PLEASEEEE call or text me ASAP (510)-695-6143. Email:[email protected]
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i know this is last minute and all, but why not give a shot. i was thinking about going to fanime this year so i can meet up with some friends but unfortunately they dont have room for me to crash. i have a room but its going to be a bit further from the con... and thats no fun since i dont drive.. was seeing if anyone had a room closer to fanime?

found a room, thank you for this website <3 maybe

im 29 yr old male, i wont have much stuff since ill be buying mostly just shirts at the con.
im a quiet guy but i  can be social if im comfortable around everyone.
if a room is available, email me at [email protected]
i snore, im sure everyone has that one friend who does anyway
i like to drink but only socially, so thats one way to get me talkin :p



Hi my name is Beanie and my and 3 other friends are looking for some roommates to join our room. We are looking for two more so that we can lower the price of 100 to 80 per person.

I am a 24 year old, male, and have been attending fanime for 7+ years!

+ Hyatt (a block away, close to Civic Center)

What you need to know:  We are a group of LGBTQ folk so bottom line f you have a problem with that we don't want you. We have a two bed room from Friday to Momday. As far as rules go we are looking for a person who keeps their mess to them self, does not trash the room! If there is a cleaning fee and you are responsible YOU will pay for it.

Alcohol is okay just no crazy parties in the room. In relation to crazy parties no other friends and roomies allowed unless I KNOW about it and who will be in the hotel. We are later sleepers and later risers so if you like going to bed early this might not be the right room for you.

Hotel cost is 80 for the full weekend. We are looking for up to 2 people to join is in the hotel.
If you want to get in contact with me fast PLEASE PLEASE email me at [email protected]. Or you can text me at 408-355-3922. Hoping to hear from you!

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I have a Double Bed room at the San Jose Wyndham Hotel for Thursday until Monday.  The rate is $95 plus of course the security deposit of $50 a night, does anyone need a room, let me know!


Does anyone have a room available for 2 people? From Friday through Monday? If so please PM me thanks in advance.


Hello all. Im looking for a room Saturday night. Please hmu if you got one.
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Hello my name is Amy.I am in need of Roommates to help cover some of the costs for this trip. I have 1 free bed in my room at the Doubletree Hotel that I will be staying in from Thursday to Monday. It is a two queen room for a price of 25 per night. Please email me at [email protected] if you're interested thankyou.
I'll also have some ramen and water bottles to share :")
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Hello everyone!
I'm here looking for a room for a group of 6
including myself.
I planned to split up the group and find
a room for 3 or 2 of my friends per room.
Preferably, I want to keep at least a pair together,
so that my friends don't feel uncomfortable with
people they don't know.

All of my friends are well kept, clean, and well
behaved individuals.
We won't get into your stuff, as we expect the
same in return.

We can provide food and art trades as part of the
payment as well as money, or just money
if you prefer.
(we'd prefer a small trade of food, art, and money to
make it more affordable since, we are poor
college students lol )

But yeah!
Some of the things my friends and I like:
Yugioh, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, to
Disney movies/cartoons, Family Guy, and lots more!
We like to cook, sing, dance, act, and play card games.
One of my male friends are hardcore collectors or YugiOh
and Pokemon cards.
Who, will be bringing cards for trades.

But yeah! If you're interested, give me a holler!

(btw, I drew the icon that I'm using, and I'll be bringing loads
of arts! If you're interested in trades let me know!)

Either email me, message me here, or I'll give you my fb.
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Need a room:
+ Introduction: Friend flake on you? Someone get sick? Need a new roommate to cover the cost? Then your in luck! I'm a 24 y/o male and this will be my 4th fanime. I'm looking for hotel to stay at from fri - mon (mon check out).
+ Hotel Information: Preferably one of the following hotels: Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, or Fairmont
+ Requirements: None
+ Contact: [email protected]
+ Miscellaneous: Please send me the details as soon as you see this (Hotel, Price, etc.)!

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