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Hello everyone~ I really like being able to post here about what people want to find in the dealers hall, especially the fact that staff might check it out and have it influence who sets up shop. They won't know what people want unless we tell them, and it can't hurt! Please feel free to reply with your wishlists for dealers hall at Fanime 2016! I like seeing what other people are interested in buying too~

I'm hoping to find:

- literally anything Yu-Gi-Oh! related, from the large figures (kaiba, dark magician, dark magician girl, bakura etc) to grab boxes to wall scrolls to bags.
- HunterxHunter figures, keychains, bags, shirts etc
- Splatoon merch including amiibos
- More amiibos in general, including animal crossing amiibo festival ones
- Animal Crossing merch especially plushies
- D. Gray Man stuff since the new anime is coming out this year~
- Neko Atsume stuff!!!
- Punk/Cool/Interesting clothes and jackets
- Pusheen!

So, what are you hoping for?

I just wanted to confirm that staff does look at these boards. I try to get the best selections possible and compile the wish lists for our Dealers, so hopefully they will bring what people are looking for.


Monster Hunter Felyne figures!!!!
Not that I've been hunting those for years. Not that I'll jump up and down if I find them. Not at all.
-Monster hunter plushes
-High-quality Bulbasaur-themed lanyards (for a friend)

Uh , this year I'm looking for an
- Oikawa Tooru Nendoroid uwu (my friend wants to get me one for my birthday which is right before Fanime)
- BTS Merch
- DanganRonpa posters/figures
- Amnesia: Memories figures/posters
- A Pillow/Body Pillow (still looking into that one haha)

any and all kuroo tetsurou merchandise! buahahahaha especially charms and keychains i can add to my itabag XD

also seconding the BTS merch <3


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