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So it has come to my attention that some people have called the cmrus number in questions about reservations. I understand that in order to reserve a hotel room, you will need to purchase a badge first, receive a confirmation number, then use that number to get your hotel.

A few people have asked if the person who has a group, or is the group leader, to get the hotels for their group. For ex: if the group is 22 people, can he/she get enough hotel rooms for that party?

The cmrus advisor stated it is 1 hotel room per group, instead of the 1 confirmation number per hotel room.

Can anyone from registration or administration answer this question on how a person gets a room this year? I know they tried to do this in 2014 but never implemented due to all the complaints.

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What!! I am the leader of a group and I too need more than one room. Someone official please clarify!  :'(


I also need to book more than one room.  Can staff advise please?


So I asked around and called the CMRUS number to get a little more information and seems badges are needed to get a room this year. Each badge will have it's own confirmation email, doesn't matter if it's group registration or not. If there is anyone using group registration, please check your emails, as they will have a summary of all badges, with the confirmation number of each badge on either the side or top of each name. Most likely the person who created the group will be the only person to have the email, so please contact your group leader if you plan to get a hotel on your own. For those who have not received an email right after registering for the badge, please contract CMRUS housing immediately!!! Always keep a print out of the end summary just in case, which is helpful if you don't receive the email at the end.

This is all the info I have received so far. If any of you have more to add, any info would be helpful, would be appreciated.

Staff is working very hard right now, and they always do every time the convention takes place. Please take the time to thank the staff for their work to make this convention great in the Northern California area.

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Fanime staff have been monitoring these threads, but some of the posters are correct: no announcements have gone out regarding housing. No information in the public sphere is confirmed. We are working to make sure that the messaging is consistent but as you can see, there have been some hiccups. There are announcements in the works, so please stay tuned for those.
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It would be a big help if there was an official announcement of the minimum advance notice for the start of housing reg.  Just announce something like "We will give at least 2 weeks advance notice of the start time for housing reg, and that notice will be both on the forums and on Facebook." Then people could stop checking every day.


Hello and good day,

I have a question about the Fanime Hotel Priority Reservations:

If there is a group with more than the number of people allowed for hotel occupancy, for example a group of 5 or more people, will that group be able to reserve the amount of hotel rooms needed if the group leader were to be the one who used his/her email address to buy the badges. Note only 1 email address was used during the Pre-Registration process to buy all the badges.

Will he/she get a confirmation and priority bookings for each and every confirmation/badge number, or is it just 1 room for that email?

Lots of people are asking this, since stated on the Facebook and Twitter feeds that 1 hotel room can be reserved. For 2013, I had over 26 people under my group registration, which I have bought on the first day of Pre-Registration started. I know, many people like myself, which does group registration, probably feels the same way right now.

A swift answer would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted on Facebook:
"Clarification on Group Registration: Hotel room booking priority access is per badge."

I would assume that this means that within a group, each badged member can reserve a room, so multiple rooms per group are allowed, as opposed to only the group leader being able to reserve only one room for the group.


As per clarification from Facebook, I know this is a late post, but yes, as per group registration, each member in the group is capable of a hotel room if needed.

This has been verified by the official Fanime Facebook page.

Posted on Facebook:
"Clarification on Group Registration: Hotel room booking priority access is per badge."

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Is there anyway we could get an idea of what the rooms will be costing for each hotels prior to the release dates?
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