Getting harassment from one of the dealers

Started by warbearer, January 24, 2016, 09:32:47 AM

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One of the dealer who shall remain nameless has been harassing and intimidating and threatening to ban me at several events is going to be at fanime. And he went to the swap meet event near the end of the event and intentionally dropped my games for not excepting his offer and srossii455 tries pin it on one of Once Upon A Video Game dealer when it was not them.

I am worried that he will cause trouble on me just because I said the stuff he sells are over-priced and he has intimidating me and following me at the same time and threatening me yesterday. Recently he glared at me. I feel that he try to cause trouble on me at this year's swap meet and the staff will not be able to do anything about it and he get away with it like last year.

He has done this on other people but they are too scared to stand up to him and he has connection with other people who he has not screwed over who he can hide behind and get away with it.

Even if I tried to record his action, he can destroy my camera and gets scott free.

I am getting worried right now.


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