[ACCEPTED] Quiz Quest: Undertale - A Co-op Trivia Video Game for Fanime 2016!

Started by Stray Sheep Studios, February 09, 2016, 05:40:34 PM

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Stray Sheep Studios

Hey there Fanime! We're Stray Sheep Studios, a tiny indie video game studio based out of AZ. We've been attending Fanime for years as attendees and have loved every minute we had the privilege. The community, the programming, and everything that makes the convention great year after year has had a lasting effect on us. We feel like it's high time we tried to give something back in the best way we know how, an unusual and interesting video game. One that a whole panel can play together. With prizes, just in case we have to bribe you.

We are applying to run this panel as soon as submissions go up and we hope it's something that everyone can get excited about. We're posting this to generate some hype before the con starts, but it's also an extremely useful way to take questions and suggestions before the game is complete.

If you'd attend the panel, tell us! If you wouldn't, we'd still like to know what you think would make it better for you in the form of a PM.

So let's start it off.

WHEN: Friday May 27th (Day 1), 3:00PM TO 4:00PM

WHERE: Panel Room 1

Quiz Quest: Undertale is a collaborative video game developed from the ground up specifically for Fanime 2016, themed after the worldwide phenomenon that is Undertale.

Two teams are chosen to represent sans and Papyrus, pulled completely from the audience, to compete head to head for FABULOUS PRIZES. But audience members will also have to find out how to work together along the way to help the two boneheads traverse the dangerous world of Undertale.

Will they make it out alive?

Will they perish and become trapped inside the game forever?

Is that a fair question given that they're already skeletons?

That's up to you.

Quiz Quest: Undertale is, at it's core, a trivia game in the same vein as any multiple choice trivia game you've ever played before. Audience members are chosen at random and asked to control either sans or Papyrus for a section of the game. Those selected will be responsible for the well-being of their specific skeleton and will be moving around the map, playing minigames, and answering trivia questions for them.

Answer trivia questions correctly and earn points for your team that are used for anything from special items to make questions easier, to actual physical prizes for a lucky member of that team.

Answer trivia incorrectly and take damage from enemies that threaten to take away your progress, lose points, and all members of your team will look at you with sad eyes.

Questions range in difficulty from "So Easy the 8 Year Old Kid with a Naruto Headband in the Lobby Can Answer it" to "I Hope you have a Master's Degree in Wasting your Life".

There are various categories ranging from "Video Games" and "Anime" all the way to "Questions Only About Dogs and Nothing But Dogs". There is something for everybody. Even things that nobody asked for! Or wants!

In addition to standard trivia to progress through the game, there are mini-games players can compete in to bolster your likely terrible score. Some mini-games are inspired by Undertale, others might be familiar to those who enjoy the mini-games of old in the retro age of gaming. Some are completely original!

Attend the panel for the chance to play them all!

In addition to mini-games, as mentioned before, we are also giving away FABULOUS PRIZES.

Participate in the Quiz, just show up and watch the panel, or just have someone on staff like you enough to win a FABULOUS PRIZE like

  • Steam Gift Cards!
  • Keychains!
  • DVDs!
  • Plushies of Ambiguous Quality and Country of Origin!
  • Anything We Want to Throw Out of Our Closet!
  • And Much More!

We will have Video Games, we will have Prizes, we will have Mini-Games, what else could you possibly want? A Mysterious and Attractive Special Cosplaying Game Show Host?

We have that as well.

It is our sincere hope that we will see you there and be able to provide a fun panel and a unique experience all around.



Stray Sheep Studios

Hey again Fanime!

We've just received notice that Quiz Quest: Undertale is coming soon to a Fanime near you!

Currently, Quiz Quest is booked for Friday, 3:00PM - 4:00PM in Panels Room 1. So mark your calendars, bother your friends, and change your plans, because we want to see you here for Fanime's first co-op quiz game!

Remember, no Undertale knowledge is needed to have fun. So show up and have a blast, because everyone leaves with something.

Not always with their dignity, or with pride. But with something!

Stray Sheep Studios

Thank you all for making Quiz Quest: Undertale a success!

Thank you everybody. Thank you Fanime 2016.

Because of you we got close to ONE HUNDRED people attending Fanime's first ever cooperative quiz video game. That is an incredible number for a first appearance and we hope you liked it as much as we loved putting it on for you.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for attending, participating, and for all the kind words before, during, and after the game. You fought bravely and were rewarded for your efforts.

This is not the end of Quiz Quest. We're applying to bring it to Saboten-Con 2016 in Phoenix, AZ. September 2-5th. This time we're applying for a 2 hour timeslot in an effort to allow more time to finish the fantastic adventure out of the underground.

An extra huge thanks to our amazing robot host pickleinspector for putting on the show for us. If anybody is interested in keeping up with us, follow us on our Twitter or Tumblr.

We've just put up a video of the entire panel. HERE IT IS.

See you all next year!