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Author Topic: 2016 Panel interest gauging - Fabric Dyeing and Painting  (Read 556 times)

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2016 Panel interest gauging - Fabric Dyeing and Painting
« on: February 11, 2016, 12:22:25 PM »

I'm thinking this Fanime will be a big panel-hosting year for me; I have a few ideas (I'll have separate topics for each).

This idea is for a panel I did a few years ago and have meant to do again on fabric dyeing and painting. I've learned a fair bit since then as well.  Is this something people are interested in?  What sort of topics sound interesting?  What sounds more interesting - bare basics, or going into more detail on techniques?

Things that I can cover
  • Solid color dyeing, including fiber types and cool things you can do with blends
  • Gradient Dyeing (and using dye-na-flow paint to simulate a gradient effect)
  • Tie dye, and how that might be useful for characters that aren't straight out of the 1960's
  • General "how to paint cleanly" tips (aka I love my stretcher bars)
  • Using an airbrush for fabric dye and paint application
  • Batik wax method of dye resist
  • Other resists
  • Using stencils
  • Silk-screening

Thanks for the feedback!
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